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Structural & Architectural Design


We are a US based growing company. Our professional engineers and architects have years of experience in servicing many great clients.   materializing our client’s ideas and adding value to their dreams is our motto.

In this vast and competitive market, our focus and the strict code of principle, “Client First" has enabled us to spread our wings across the commercial residential sectors to public institutions successfully. We are proud to cater clients in across private and public enterprises, profit and non-profit organizations, small and large scale. We hold your hand in shaping dream homes and businesses. We aim at fulfilling our client’s requirements by prioritizing their needs and targets first.

At S3DA Design, we have gained global recognition in countries like US, UK, Europe, and MENA. Our generalist approach has received many accolades and our culture friendly and ecological design structures are a testimony of our admiration of the varied cultures we have served.

Our Fantastic Architects & Engineers Team

Our Architects and Structural engineers see themselves as solution providers, completely immersed in design, with a clear ambition to turn dreams into reality. They desire for innovation and pursuit of creative solutions to complex issues helps set out a path that leads to new summits and continued achievement. Working together as a team comes naturally to us.


  • Over 400 approvals this year alone

  • Supporting all types of commercial and domestic projects

  • Our in-house designer and engineer teams provide comprehensive services to clients from small local building - companies to large contractors

  • %40 discount for our ONLINE packages

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At S3DA Design you will experience the luxury of customized, professional and tailor-made experiences to your individual needs.

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