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pop-up shipping container bar

During three month ago, we have welcomed a variety of unique, innovative, and sometimes environmentally friendly converted Pop Up shipping container ideas. There are some positives in a new generation of Pop Up coffee shops. They are usually much less expensive to purchase and if your site doesn’t work out, you can simply move your cafe to another location. We have seen that Pop Up shipping container cafes can be relocated to any site whilst being customer-ready at a moment’s notice. Pop-up cafes offer a very attractive alternative to a traditional fast food shop.

A pop-up cafe is the best option to create a footloose presence in the hospitality sector while protecting you from a lot of the high start-up costs associated with a fixed location site.

Pup Up Shipping Container Details:

  • 20ft Pop Up shipping container bar with interior wall

  • Customized Cabinet

  • Furniture (Optional)

  • Shipping (based on client’s order)

  • Branding package ( Optional)

  • Fob price $$$$$$$$ ( this price is not including the furniture expenses)


  • Category :Converted container
  • Client :Mr. Richard - S
  • Location :NJ - USA
  • Date :May 2017