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Shipping container home design in Iowa

S3DA Design fulfilled a shipping container home design project in Iowa. The client had asked for a two story, 2 bedroom design with open floor space and great balcony. Our Design/Engineering team had worked on the design and provided the following concept.

This shipping container home has been designed in a form to be compliant with general US Building codes. The square footage is compliant to IBC and Building codes of all States. The house is made of strong steel shipping containers and is hurricane and earthquake proof. Shipping container home is cost-efficient, fast built and can be easily designed to meet every home owner’s specification.
The lower level has an open space giving a feeling of comfort and you wouldn’t feel you’re inside a shipping container. Full kitchen, half bath and staircase at one end and living room at the other. On the upper level, we do have two bedrooms, a aster with great closet. There is an open balcony space toward a great view. The house is made to accommodate 4-6 people as the interior room layout is alternate and further BR can be added. The plumbing/electrical are all made according to IRC and IBC and can be built in any State.

Specific features of 2 story, 4x40ft shipping container home design:

• Total area: 1350 sf; Gross house area: 1280 sf; Porch and balcony: 70sf
• Including a master bedroom, 2nd bedroom, a full bathroom, a half bath, full kitchen, living/family room, balconies, and porch.
• The house has good standard 3’ spray foam insulation with interior MgO board interior surface, making it water proof, fire proof, bug proof and sound proof.
• Anti-bacterial flooring made of vinyl is provided.
• Ceramic tiles for walls and floor of the bathrooms.
• Glasses are double glazed to provide proper R-Value helping to keep the house conditioned.
• The electrical, plumbing are included, the wiring and lighting plus phone and computer network as standard accessories are available.
• The interior room layout can be designed to meet specifications including adding further bedroom
• The type of doors and windows are optional.
• Mechanical items, external cladding, Air conditioning and type of wall, flooring etc. are all optional.
• Additional container for garage space can be added, either attached or de-attached.

If you are planning to start a container home design project, we would be delighted to assist in the design. All you have to do is to contact us and we will take it up from there.

shipping container home design

shipping container home design

  • Category :Converted container
  • Client :Thomas - J
  • Location :Iowa - USA
  • Date :November 2017