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Shipping Container Cafe / Bar

The whole world is going pop up crazy and everybody loves the convenience of a Pop up Cafe. A place you can serve coffee with a chocolate frosted Donuts, a drink or ice cream and your customers can enjoy comfortable surroundings. Not surprisingly entrepreneurial want-to-be cafe owners are looking at doing things a little differently (and more cost effectively) – including converted shipping  Container Pop Up Café / Bar. Available as an all-weather option, not only is a shipping container cafe cheap, environmentally friendly, and portable, it’s really, really cool. Industrial chic and coffee go fabulously well together – ask any cafe owner.

The compact size of a shipping container cafe makes it a prime candidate for a start-up cafe, because you don’t need much room to set up. A corner of land in a car park, a spot on a marina, a market, a dog park, the beach, a vacant block of land or a building site that won’t start construction for a few years are all top spots for a pop up cafe.

Our Shipping Container Cafe / Bar services:

These small-scale urban formats can be impeccably fitted out to your own brand, reflecting the personality of you and your business. Our converted shipping container Cafes are designed and constructed in an innovative manner. We can build Bar/Cafe in 20 ft and 40 ft shipping container with an endless of Container Accessories including server windows, hydraulic/electrical decks, roof balcony plus staircase, remote controlled awnings and more.

Our spaces get you in front of your customers in less than half the time it takes to build typical stick-and-brick structures. And we do that without sacrificing your brand guidelines or consistency.

We do the complete internal fit-out at our container facility and drop it to your site so you can begin trading immediately. Some of the most successful cafes are tiny start-ups with little more than a good coffee machine, a great barista and a cafe.

If we don’t currently seem to have a shipping container which perfectly suits your ideas/ designs/ requirements, or if you have a specific design in mind, please contact our engineers to discuss your project – they’ll find an innovative solution for you to tackle all of your design’s needs and requirements.

If you are planning to have your unique converted shipping container or prefabricated container design Cafe/Bar, we would be delighted to assist you in the concept. Please contact us for further assistance.