If you’re not an architect or a professional home builder, it’s hard to visualize how your home remodeling project will look like once completed.  Moreover, it may be hard to convey your home renovation plans to your contractor without a copy of the proposed home upgrade plans. In these instances, home remodeling software really comes in handy to provide you and all the parties involved with a realistic view of the planned home improvement project.

Features of a Home Remodeling Software

Before contacting a home building company and other professionals, download home remodeling software to create a renovation plan. Make sure the app has the following features to optimize your upgraded home design:

1. Ease Of Use

Let’s face it, not all homeowners are highly skilled with computer use. So, above anything else, a complete set of features in a home remodeling software should include ease of use. A user shouldn’t need a few days just to learn how to use the application, as this can cause further delays in the home project implementation.

User-friendliness is a critical feature of home remodeling software so that even persons with basic computer knowledge can tinker with it. Luckily, some programs only require drag and drop input for you to build your dream home.

Whether you’re planning to build new rooms or renovate your existing spaces, all you have to do is drag the mouse and click around the app to become a home building wizard.

2. Safe And Reliable Storage   

Home remodeling software should provide users with peace of mind knowing that all their hard work is kept safe. The app should ideally use cloud storage to save either finished or unfinished projects online. For convenience, there should be no need to download each version and work progress you’ve done—which can be very confusing.

3. Highly Accessible

Apart from being stored reliably on the cloud, files from your home renovation software should be accessible anytime and anywhere. If you’re using the program for the first time, it’s understandable if you can’t finish your task in one day. A good app should enable you to easily access and finish what you’re working on, as well as check and review your work before home renovations could take place.

4. Promotes Collaboration

Two (or more) heads are better than one. Often, you’ll need to show your home remodeling plans to other family members or friends for feedback and comments. You may also know someone who has a great eye for home interior design to provide useful inputs for your project.

All suggested changes to the project should be easy to work on, and your home remodeling software should be able to facilitate collaboration. All you have to do as a file owner is to send the link to a friend or a family member.

5. Seamless Integration

Some apps can be very restrictive, with strict operating system requirements and stringent platform needs. This means you may not be able to use the home remodeling program at all if your computer’s system is not compatible with it.

An app should ideally promote integration with the tools you’re already using or familiar with.

6. Free Trial

With so many apps available on the market today, competition is fierce. On one hand, this gives users plenty of options, allowing products and service providers to offer only the best. Choosing the best program that works for you requires trial and error.

Hence, your home upgrade software should have a free trial version to give you an idea of its practical benefits. Once a user is done with the free trial version, they should then have the option to purchase a premium version for upgraded features.

7. Smart Tools And Templates

Whether you’re planning to have a bathroom or kitchen makeover, your app should do more than allow you to draw easily and swiftly. For instance, software with several clickable templates can help you save time. You just click on your design preference and you can start creating your dream home right away. Since not everything is done from scratch, you can plan and complete your rehab project more efficiently.

8. Fully Customizable

From the floors to the walls, windows, and ceilings—there are plenty of designs, materials, texture, and finish to choose from. Do you want a sliding glass door? How about louvered windows? Which color palette looks best for your home project?

Undoubtedly, each of these components will impact how your home remodeling project will look like. Your software should be able to show you these choices and more. Change colors, switch floor materials, and add as many fixtures as you want.

9. Realistic And 3D Design Tools

To get a realistic view of your dream home, choose software that has the tools that facilitate the viewing of all angles. A 3D model lets you see how your project will look based on the floor plan, with all the furnishings and other design choices you’ve made.

An app that facilitates a 3D walk-through seems like an attractive prospect too. So is a 360° panoramic view of the entire project.

10. Fully Automated

A fully automated home renovation app means you don’t have to adjust all the structures affected whenever you make changes.  For example, if you think your door should be placed on the left and not on the right side, the rest of the wall, the framing, and the foundation should be adjusted accordingly. The same thing goes for any changes to the width, height, and length of materials.

For some apps, all you have to do is key in the desired figures and the software will provide you with a design that’s ready to be completed. If you have software with manual tools, you’ll have to change each component one by one.

11. Cost Estimation Tools

This is perhaps one of the most useful features that should be embedded in every home remodeling software. Homeowners only want the best for their living space, and renovations are often the best opportunity to improve everything. Unfortunately, people sometimes forget to consider their budget.

With a cost estimation tool integrated into your home remodeling software, it’ll be easier to stay within budget. Every material needed to build your dream home is listed typically in a spreadsheet. Whatever small change you want to do is automatically updated on the list and cost of materials.

Final Thoughts

Knowing how your home rehab will look like, and being able to show your vision to home builders, is important, more so because of the costs involved in a remodeling project. Industry estimates reveal that home reconstruction projects can run from USD$44,000 to USD$75,000 for average-sized homes.

Given this amount, every homeowner should make smart decisions and the necessary adjustments to finish their project on time and within budget.