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What if one’s loft head Height is much lower?

Loft conversion and head height What if one’s loft head Height is much lower? Due to different building regulations in different buildings, the headroom of lofts can vary. Though the regulations have minimum limits to make sure the room is comfortable to live in, still some builders recommend that one should at least have 2.3 – 2.4

Moises Abraham

Marketing and Communications Manager at S3DA-DESIGN

The Advantages of Concrete Structures

The Advantages of Concrete Structures It is important to establish at this stage that not all structural designs should be concrete structures but then, the advantages of the concrete structural system cannot be overemphasized. In most cases, these advantages are not analyzed during the system selection process and as a result, the much inherent values are not

Abelli Noja

Marketing and Content manager at S3DA Design

How we can grow the relationship between an architectural company and clients

The relationship between an architectural company and clients Trust is one of the major considerations for a good architectural company. Building trust with client is a hallmark of a good business and it comes with enormous benefits. Some of the benefits that attend a good business relationship are continuous patronage, business referrals, and patience when there

Stefan Eitan

Marketing and Communication Manager at S3DA-DESIGN

How to build Hurricane Resistant Homes?

Hurricanes are nobody’s friend. The thought alone is enough to send shivers down one’s spine. Well, the fact is that it is a natural phenomenon that nobody can really stop. If you cannot stop a hurricane, at least there is something you can do to keep homes and buildings safe. How to have Hurricane Resistant

Abel Ezdan

Digital Marketing Specialist At S3DA Design