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Converting a Loft into a Loft Living Room

Consider loft living room The latest prevalent home project becoming very popular is to have a loft living room for additional amusing space in the house. This is the best way possible to add to your living area at your home. This supplementary space brings along flexibility in having an appealing design and function. This

Madsen Shearer

Marketing Manager at S3DA-Design

Using box frame for house extensions in The UK

Using box frame for house extensions in the UK It might seem strange when you face a structural design with multiple columns and beam (box frame) instead of a single beam for the extension of a house. It means extra cost and time for your project. What is the role of the box frame extension?

Stefan Eitan

Marketing and Communication Manager at S3DA-DESIGN

Winter Is The Best Time for Home Remodeling Projects

The Best Time for Home Remodeling Projects Talking about harsh and long winter season, how about Central New York. It may sound odd, but this is a fine season there to focus on updating your home interior design or the repair you have been waiting for the right time. This notion has been the reflection

Moises Abraham

Marketing and Communications Manager at S3DA-DESIGN

What skills make you a professional structural engineer?

What skills make you a professional structural engineer? Hard Work and Diligence. Talent obviously helps but does not play the main role. The struggle is the path everyone takes in his or her life one way or the other. The professional structural engineer, on the other hand, is not like what most people think of

Abelli Noja

Marketing and Content manager at S3DA Design

How to Look at your home as an interior designer

How to Look at Your home as an Interior Designer? The interior designer is qualified for designing the interior with his resourceful talent and usually does something exceptional that is beyond your imagination. Hence, interior designers have a ton to offer to those who hire them and along with their talent they serve as an

Asher Pittman

Communication and Marketing Director at S3DA Design