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How to design your interesting outdoor kitchen

An outdoor kitchen is one of the best additions to any home. It is perfect for leisure with family and friends. It also improves the overall outlook of the home. For real estate agents, installing an outdoor kitchen is a wonderful way to increase the market value of houses. Do you want to cook? Entertain

Mos Nemoy

Architecture at S3DA Design

Have your favorite guest house in the backyard

Have a favorite space for your friends and family by adding a Unique guest house to the backyard. When considering to have a unique backyard, you should think beyond just having a deck or a pool. The value of backyard guest house get neglected as a major asset to any house. While they have been



Types of Bungalow Styles homes In the US

The Bungalows, a Brief History: America has been in a love affair with the Bungalow style homes for more than two torrid decades. This exotic word Anglo has been derived from Indian language, which came to be a new American house style. The word bungalow has been around for more than hundreds of years, but

Ara Lagzi

Architectural Designer at S3DA Design

Whу іѕ ‘Modern Arсhіtесturе’ so pорulаr?

Whу іѕ ‘Modern Arсhіtесturе’ so pорulаr? As thеrе аrе several іntеrеѕtѕ and passions іn thе wоrld еxіѕtіng right nоw, аdmіrіng and rерlісаtіng modern architecture hарреnѕ tо be оnе of thеm. Still, whаt mаkеѕ thеѕе ‘structures of thе modern era’ ѕо enticing tо lооk аt and guѕh? Iѕ there аn enchantment surrounding thеѕе buіldіngѕ thаt forces

Abelli Noja

Marketing and Content manager at S3DA Design

2018 Home Renovation New Year’s Resolution Ideas

2018 Home Renovation New Year’s Resolution Ideas With all New Year’s resolution Ideas flying around for travel and weight loss, we ponder over sharing some of our favorite goals that are a bit closer to home. The following advises will assist you getting ideas for your home renovation project like a chief in 2018. Give

Abel Ezdan

Digital Marketing Specialist At S3DA Design