Workspaces are getting more unique and creative in these modern times, with mood-inspiring surroundings trending recently. Many companies and offices are giving their employees the liberty to choose which area in the office they’re most comfortable working in. While some offices follow the free-sitting plan, others have designated outdoor spaces as workspaces.

While it’s great to work and be productive outdoors, the challenge for most workers is the heat during summer. Fortunately, there are many great outdoor design ideas to keep it cool for everyone who wants to work outside.

There are architectural structures that can cool down outdoor spaces. The key is to find the right design to suit your office needs. You can visit for some inspiring workplace environments to create a cooler outdoor space in the office.

Here are some suggestible design ideas to stay cool in your outdoor space:

  1. Use Outdoor Fans

Your outdoor structural design should be made in a way where it’s possible to install electric circuits for many purposes. If your staff prefers to work outside, they can plug in their gadgets and continue working seamlessly. Also, these electric circuits are required when you set up outdoor fans.

The best way to have a cooler outdoor area is to add fans to circulate the air more. Depending on your outdoor architectural design, you can go for permanent ceiling fans if you have a covered patio.

Another fan option is to go for standalone outdoor fans, which are fail-proof solutions to beat the heat. Whether it’s used to entertain guests or for workers to chill and lounge, it’s crucial that the air is cool and the place is comfortable.

Keeping a nice flow of fresh air throughout your patio is the best way to encourage your staff to relax outside. Fortunately, you can find many options if you’re shopping for fixed ceiling fans, standalone fans, or other outdoor fan alternatives. Meanwhile, if you prefer a more stylish solution, you can go for overhead ceiling fans to add more appeal to your outdoor aesthetics.

Significantly, it’s essential to choose outdoor-friendly appliances. If you’re hiring architectural consultants, they can advise you on how to design your outdoor space and effectively integrate the fans. Additionally, you should choose something sturdy enough to withstand weather changes.

  1. Add More Shades

If your commercial space comes with a patio or pergola, you’d like to add more shades to reduce the heat. After all, when the sun is too hot, it would be risky for your staff to work or even chill outdoors. There can be harmful UV rays that can penetrate the skin.

However, there are many practical design ideas to add more shade to your outdoor space. Consequently, this enhances comfort and adds appeal to your outdoor space too. Here are some exterior design elements that you can use as additional shades:

  • Shade Sails

This type of shade is usually made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or stretchable fabrics that can be pulled to cover one point. With shade sails, you can escape the heat of the sun by putting a layer of protection between you and its rays. Some homes use it for their decks and pools, but it works well for your outdoor space too.

The key here is to detect which area or direction the sun is most vital. You can angle the shade sail to its best position so you can take advantage of its shade. Shade sails are easy to install and come at reasonable prices, making them ideal for many homes and offices.

  • Awning

Some buildings or offices may have approached a structural design consultancy that can suggest the best ways to keep their property more energy-efficient. They usually have tips for designing a smart building. Hence, one great idea is to have an awning, as it’ll create a cooler outdoor area.

An awning can cool down your patio’s radiant heat a bit. But more importantly, it can also help keep your indoor air-conditioning units more energy efficient. In addition, the awnings can block the sun and allow your cooling units to run smoothly.

On the other hand, a mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) design engineer can suggest the right installation design for awnings on your property. It can be extended right into your patio area if you have one.

  • Patio Umbrella

A patio umbrella is another excellent design idea for improving the environment in your commercial property. You can cool off under your patio umbrella while working, sipping some iced coffee, or chitchatting with colleagues.

These heavy-duty umbrellas are effective in protecting your skin from UV rays, allowing you to spend more time outdoors without health risks. The key here is to purchase the sturdiest patio umbrella possible, which can last a long time. Make the most of your patio by purchasing a freestanding or table-top umbrella.

  1. Consider Installing A Pergola

Another excellent structural design for your outdoor space to be cooler is to install a pergola. Many homes take advantage of this design, especially those that invite a lot of sun all day long. As a more effective alternative to temporary shades and umbrellas, a pergola promises a longer lifespan and elevates your outdoor space’s appearance.

Meanwhile, the best way to make the most of your patio shade structure is with a modern aluminum pergola. However, there are other materials that make up a sturdy pergola. You just need to select the right one that fits your style and budget.

A modern pergola can offer full-time shade with a solid roof design or control the amount of shade on the patio with a motorized louvered roof design. Imagine how comfortable this would be for everyone, as they can easily adjust how much shade they need while working or lounging outside the office.

Furthermore, a modern pergola design can also include options for outdoor cooling. You can have ceiling fans installed overhead or mount screens or portable cooling units to create a cooler, secluded atmosphere.


It’s easy to keep an outdoor space cool if you know what options are available. With the suggested architectural design ideas and elements stated above, you can encourage and motivate your staff to work comfortably outside. They can spend more relaxing time with other colleagues and have a cooler surrounding environment.