The worst part of buying a home is selling it! You have to deal with prospects who might mess you around, there are market factors to fight against, and so on. The two biggest problems are trying to sell your house quickly and for a lot of money. Normally, you have to compromise on one to get the other.

However, with a few home improvements, you can sell your house for an excellent price in half the time.

Give your home a deep clean

It’s genuinely as easy as this for some people. Your house may have lots of great features, but a dirty home won’t sell. It’s hard for people to imagine themselves in a property that’s messy and filthy. So, clean it from inside out, making it seem brand new. Nowadays, it’s also worth finding a company that deals with bio hazard disaster cleanup. That sounds sinister, but these companies typically provide coronavirus cleaning now. So, you can advertise your house as being completely free from any germs as you’ve had it deep cleaned. This instantly attracts more attention, as well as your home looking far cleaner and nicer.

Renovate the roof

A roof renovation is another killer home improvement that adds instant value to your home. Nobody wants to buy a house that will need a new roof in a few years. More to the point, it’s so common for people to buy a home, then deal with roofing issues soon after. Even if the roof passes the home inspection prior to buying! So, if you have a new roof on your home, it gives buyers more confidence. It also lets you raise the asking price as you know your home will be in demand. Who doesn’t want a house with a brand new roof? The new owners will move into something that’s free from roofing problems for decades.

A small extension

Adding an extension to your home is a superb way of making it more valuable. The key benefit is that you add more rooms to your home. The size of the extension depends on how much room you have to play with, and how much you’re willing to spend. Nowadays, upward extensions are very popular. Instead of extending behind your house or to the side, you extend upwards. It’s a smart way of adding one or two extra bedrooms, taking your house from a small two-bedroom bungalow into a 4-bedroom house. Again, you’re made your home more desirable by making it appeal to more buyers. Obviously, you can increase your asking price as you have more rooms and more space.

Selling a home is partly about finding the right moment to sell. If you try selling when the market is down, you’ll be waiting for a long time. But, when the market is right, you can make alterations to your home to sell it faster and for a far better price. Consider these three ideas, choosing whichever one appeals to your the most. You’ll notice they gradually get more complex and expensive as you move down the list!