Buying a house is a pretty big deal, and could potentially be the biggest purchase of your entire life. And as it’s probably taken you years to save, unless you are moving into Lincoln Towers New York, it’s essential to know what to look out for during your search for the house of your dreams. Here are four essential areas to look out for when on your house hunt.

The roof

While it’s probably not the first thing you’ll want to look at when you enter a home for a viewing, or probably even think about, it’s an important factor to keep in mind. A good and stable roof is not only essential, but it’s also incredibly expensive to repair. While you probably won’t even get the chance to look at the roof, make sure to ask the owner or realtor questions such as how old it is and about the last time, it had any work done. A roof’s life is roughly around 15-20 years, so ask for your surveyor to provide you with a full report, and if it does have any problems consider asking the owner to write retention into the contract to cover the costs for the repairs.


Proper insulation not only provides you with a bit of sound-proofing, but it also reduces your heating and cooling costs, helping to keep you comfortable. And when it comes to owning and living in your own home, comfort is the ultimate goal.

Make sure to check the attic and wall insulation as a standard and go further by looking into the pipes and heating ducts, all of which will help keep costs down during extreme weather.

Check for damp

Mould is a big problem – and one that isn’t so easy to tackle once it finds its way into the home. The damage caused by damp can also end up being very extensive, so it’s generally good to steer clear of any homes that show visible signs of damp, no matter how perfect or beautiful they may look. Make sure to look carefully around the skirting boards and by the ceiling. Also, look out for any rooms or areas that have been freshly painted – many sellers do this to cover the damp up. While it is difficult to spot, tell-tale signs include a moldy smell, watermarked ceilings or walls, and flaky plaster.


While it’s hard not to, don’t just do a surface tour when searching for your dream home. Imagine spending all the money, time, and effort to find that barely a dribble comes out of the shower once you’ve finally moved in.

Dig a little deeper and examine the pipes for water damage, mold, and leaks, and don’t be scared to test all of the water outlets within the property during your viewing. Make sure also to check out the boiler and find out if it’s been serviced within the last twelve months and its age. Remember that your vendor can supply you with the property’s service history for some extra reassurance and find out if you are getting your money’s worth.