All that hard work and dedication has paid off – you’re finally ready to expand your construction business onto new horizons. Building your customer base, solidifying your reputation, and gathering the resources is the tough part, and you’re already well on your way.

However, expanding your business with new employees and wider services is a new challenge, and there will be unexpected problems to solve along the way. The key to taking this next step is careful planning. Do your research, take your time, and grow in gradual steps.

If you’re looking for some key tips on how to plan for this complex evolution, check out the list below.

Hire People You Trust

Construction is a business that thrives on customer service, communication, reliability, and good teamwork. As your business expands, you want to know you can rely on your team to deliver a quality service, take care of each other, and be honest with you and your customers.

Experience is crucial as you move into new areas of the business and take on bigger contracts. But sometimes a reliable, dedicated, and enthusiastic worker is a better teammate than someone who’s been in the business for years.

To build a team of people you trust, with a mixture of experience and potential. Take your time with your hiring process. And organize an effective management structure for good leadership.

Choose the Right Jobs 

When you’re starting out, you’ll take anything and everything to build your reputation and make ends meet. But now you’re expanding, you might want to be a little more selective.

Weigh up the benefits of each job carefully. Will it have a healthy profit margin? Is this a client who is going to offer more work in the future, or recommend you to customers who will. Are you going to be able to do the job well and affordably with the resources you have?

Use the Best Equipment

Expanding your business is about reaching a bigger audience and making a bigger profit. But it should also be about improving the service you deliver. So once you’ve hired your dream team, you’ll want to equip them with the best tools for the job.

Best Equipment

This not only improves the quality of your work, but it helps to solidify your brand as a company who aims for the best. Invest in the highest-quality equipment you can afford, and bare in mind that everything you use represents your business.

If you can’t afford to buy new tools, equipment, or vehicles outright, or if you’re catering to seasonal staff, look into hiring and rentals to get the quality your customers expect. Go for a rental company that specializes in your industry, and these relationships can serve you for a long time. For advice on vehicle hire, get a commercial vehicle rental quote from, who specialises in construction.

Customer Service Is Everything

Anyone who has launched a successful small business will know this already but – customer service really is everything.

But as you expand, it can be difficult to deliver your customer service in the same way. In the past, you may have had personal contact with most of your clients, and been able to manage your small team to deliver a quality service. Now your team is bigger, you may have to find other solutions. Hire management, admin, and office staff who will make customer service a priority. Your clients should still feel like they are receiving personalized, dedicated service, just like they did when you started out!