Increasing the value of your home doesn’t necessarily mean turning your entire house upside down and giving every room a full DIY makeover. Converting just one room into a more practical space can help to add thousands of dollars to your property without much upheaval. If you are considering your next home improvement project and are looking for some direction for quick and easy renovation and remodeling jobs, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we discuss 5 easy home renovation tips that can really add value to your home.  These tips also significantly improve your current living space.

Convert The Garage Into An Additional Living Space

You may feel the need for additional space while the garage has little use. In such a case, converting it into extra living space can be an easy way of increasing the value of your home. This also creates a new, functional room. To do so, you can consider hiring a professional team for a Full Home Renovations to transform it into a beautiful and functional living space. They can help in completing your project on time and with the quality standards you deserve.

A garage conversion is far cheaper than an extension. This is the case, especially if you do not want to eat in your backyard or garden. A large garage could also be converted into a short-term rental opportunity, with a sleeping area and kitchenette, however, this would of course require the necessary planning permission.

Add a Bedroom In The Loft

Another great way to create more space and benefit from an extra bedroom is a loft conversion. In terms of square footage, this is likely to be the largest area of unused space in the entire home. Therefore, leaving it empty seems somewhat of a waste, especially when you consider the minimal disruption a conversion would cause.

The loft can easily be turned into your favorite room in the house. It can become a wonderful space that is filled with light and can be divided into multiple, usable areas. Not only this, but a loft conversion will also dramatically improve the insulation of your home, reducing your utility bills.

Add A Second Bathroom

A second bathroom can be a valuable commodity for a busy household. This is true, especially in the mornings when everyone is in a rush! An extra toilet may only have a minimal impact on the value of your home. However, if you have space to include another full-length bath or a steam room then the investment would be more than worth it.

Create An Open Plan Living Area

Many modern homes feature an open-plan living area. This allows the kitchen, dining, and living room to flow into each other to create a more sociable atmosphere and an easy-to-manage layout. This is especially popular for large families, creating an inclusive environment during meal times, as opposed to spreading people across various rooms, limiting interaction.

This fluidity obviously requires structural work but using expert contractors, it is possible to complete this project with a very quick turnaround. Read more about accredited remodeling contractors in San Jose.

Once the major structural work gets complete,  there are a number of things you can do yourself to really make this new space your own and wow guests. Here are 10 ideas to create an open plan living area that the entire family will love:

  • Ensure each space flows into each other by adopting a clear style throughout. A soft, neutral color scheme usually works best.
  • Establish zones (kitchen, dining & living) by using different paint on architectural details, giving each area a subtle personality.
  • Zones can also be achieved with block painting on walls, to give each area an obvious identity.
  • Keep a partition wall to retain a traditional living room feel. This also gives you a place to fit a fireplace or place furnishings.
  • Install a sliding door to give you the option of closing off space when there is no use for it.
  • Platforms and partitions can also be very effective when it comes to dividing an open-plan living space. This allows you to add decorative touches which are in keeping with the specific area’s function.
  • Installing glass doors can achieve an open plan effect without significant structural renovations.

Make The Most of Your Backyard Or Garden

Modernizing the backyard or garden to create a social, functional space that can act as a peripheral room to the house can also help raise the value of your home. A multi-level garden that splits your garden into segments is a popular way of achieving this, creating designated areas for dining, relaxing, or growing vegetables for example.

We hope this article has been of use to you and helped give you some ideas for your next home improvement project with the aim of increasing the value of your home.