Residential construction projects are one of the best ways to invest money nowadays. The demand for housing continues to climb in all locations, making those projects solid investments to yield rental income or to sell for a profit. Apartment blocks make perfect sense in both inner-city areas and suburban locations. If you’re considering investing in an apartment block construction project, it’s worth thinking about the things in them that will attract prospective tenants or buyers.

For example, if you’re targeting buyers or tenants of luxury apartments, you should review existing properties to learn more about the features they want.

If this is your first time getting involved with such a construction project, take a look at the following five must-have features that all apartments should have – irrespective of your target market:

1. Green Spaces

It’s no secret that people thrive when they get regular environmental exposure. When you live in the middle of a city center, for instance, you’ll seldom get surrounded by green spaces. That’s why it’s worth incorporating green spaces in your apartment block complex.

Examples include landscaped gardens to the front and rear of the block, rooftop gardens, or terraced areas and courtyards. Even balconies that let residents add some greenery and plants to their private outdoor spaces are attractive features.

2. Sustainable Design

Nobody wants to spend lots of money keeping their apartment warm during winter or cool in the summer.

Moreover, people are becoming increasingly concerned about the environment and their carbon footprint. When your apartment block gets built, consider incorporating sustainable design into it.

For example, install energy-efficient LED lighting, underfloor heating systems, and double or triple-glazed windows. Solar panels can help residents lower their electricity and heating costs and attract more eco-conscious residents in the process.

3. Smart Home Technology

There’s no avoiding the fact that you live in a world dominated by technology. Nowadays, people use their smartphones for more than just calling, texting, or surfing the Web. They’re powerful devices that allow people to control various aspects of their homes.

You could install products like video intercom systems, app-controlled lighting, and even smart locks to attract people who enjoy the convenience smart home technology has to offer.

4. Adaptive Floor Plans

Whether a resident is renting or buying one of your apartments, one feature they will undoubtedly love is a flexible floor plan.

For instance, moveable walls can make certain rooms smaller or bigger, or even multi-purpose rooms that help people create the ultimate living spaces.

Some residents might work from home and require a room to dedicate as their home office, while others may want a floor plan they can adjust to with a growing family.

5. Communal Facilities

One final feature you should consider for your next apartment block construction project is communal facilities. They could be something as simple as laundry facilities or a more creative example like a gymnasium or health spa.

A communal lounge area is also an excellent way to encourage socialization among residents, especially those of a particular age group that may not spend much time away from home.