There are endless possibilities for interior design in the kitchen. The kitchen is one of the most important and versatile areas of a house. Because of its use as a cooking space, a kitchen needs to be a practical zone as well as a stylish one. Here are 5 of the most popular modern kitchen design ideas being put into practice today.

Blue Grey Pastels

Blue-grey pastels – usually applied using matt paint – are becoming very popular in contemporary kitchen designs that are intended to nestle into older homes. Pastel blue cupboards and fittings are somewhat reminiscent of traditional French kitchen design but can be used to soften even the harshest modern furnishings. Pastel shades were very popular in the 1950s and have recently undergone something of a renaissance.

All White Sheen

Glossy all-white kitchens are rather like marmites: some people love them and some people hate them. It usually comes down to the general suitability of your home. A good kitchen design consultant working for an established company like Willow Kitchens and Interiors will be able to make a shrewd assessment of the suitability of your house for an all-white kitchen. It certainly does not suit every home. All white glossy kitchen surfaces look great but show dust and grime rather easily. If you keep a messy home, don’t go for this kind of kitchen!

Big Windows

Natural light really makes a room feel spacious and comfortable. This is particularly true in the kitchen, where the number of fittings means that shadows have a great number of places to form. Many contemporary kitchen designs use large French windows and even roof lights in order to let in as much sun as possible.

Industrial Style

Industrial style interior design uses the memetic motifs and materials associated with factories and workshops. Exposed copper piping, bricks, plain wooden floorboards, and burnished steel are all hallmarks of contemporary industrial design. This kind of design works extremely well in kitchens, where exposed metals are practical as well as stylish. Industrial design is all about simplicity: too many copper pipes and a kitchen can end up looking rather a steampunk, which is not what you want by any stretch of the imagination.

Embrace Nature

Materials and objects never standstill. Our experience of objects, according to anthropologist and philosopher Tim Ingold, has a great deal to do with our experience of material journeys. Ingold encourages people to look beyond the materiality of an object and embrace the role of changeable material. In design terms, many great experts have sought to expose material journeys in their designs. You can do the same in your kitchen. Some materials show their experience of time more than others. Copper and untreated wood, for example, change over time in a pleasing and highly connecting fashion.

Copper, for instance, develops a beautiful patina when left exposed to the elements. When incorporated into a kitchen, copper patinates into a complex and endlessly fascinating surface.


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