In modern buildings, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) systems are very important. The building offers the occupant an indoor environment they can stay in for long periods. With such an offer, the MEP design needs to be top-notch. The installation of these systems can take a large part of the building cost. To reduce such expenses, you would need the help of a world-class MEP consulting firm.

There are ways you can lower the cost of your project without dropping quality. You can cut the cost and still have some other areas of your project improved with some smart designs. A good MEP engineering company can help you cut down the cost of utility bills. When you have the best MEP engineers Los Angeles possesses, then you are safe.

The 5 Professional Tips

In this article, we have come up with 5 effective ways that you can lower the cost of MEP system in your building. This is possible without reducing the performance or compromising system functionality. Here are 5 professional tips for lowering the cost of MEP systems in buildings.

  • Optimize MEP installations layout:

Using MEP components that are prefabricated is one sure way to save costs. These components are usually less expensive than their custom-made counterparts. They are also less difficult to install thereby reducing labor costs. Using the standard size is also beneficial. It can help you cut down costs by minimizing waste. 

Placing the equipment in perfect locations can help lower the cost of MEP systems. Having the air conditioning system placed on the roof is an example. It can help save energy thereby saving cost. 

Plan and optimize your MEP installation layout. Have a nice MEP design in place to help get it sorted out. This can help you know what strategic locations to place them in. Fabricated components also play a huge role. They can help in cutting down costs without affecting performance.

  • Get Equipment Suppliers and Contractors Involved:

Changes in orders or incorrect estimates are one of the reasons why people tend to spend in excess. Incorrect installation requirements and measurements mean changes become necessary. These changes would turn out to be expensive. Getting your contractors and suppliers involved from the beginning would eradicate such issues. 

It is a great idea to work with a general contractor who knows MEP systems. They would know which supplier and contractor to recommend and ensure proper installation. Working together with contractors and suppliers saves money and time on the project.

  1. Careful Planning of The Project with Anticipation:

A lack of proper planning can make your project more expensive than it should be. You might have the best MEP designs and the best MEP engineers Los Angeles has but still find yourself spending in excess. 

For instance, a shortage of skilled labor can slow you down when your construction work is on. This can force you to pay for extra hours which would cost more, in particular, if there’s a deadline.  In a situation where the issue was earlier anticipated, the staff can be increased beforehand. Reasons why you need to work with the best MEP consulting firms

  • Reduce HVAC Workload by Improving Building Envelope:

Among the most expensive HVAC equipment are chillers ad boilers. There are some other large HVAC equipment that cost a lot as well. however, the nameplate capacity does determine their price rates. People do think that using oversized equipment is a good idea but it is unnecessary. It leads you to spend more and one of the reasons is that maintenance then becomes more expensive. 


Improving your building envelope reduces the workload your HVAC system has and lowers the cost of MEP systems. One of the ways you can improve your building envelope is by doing proper building insulation. Make sure your building is sealed against drafts by improving air tightness. This will help in reducing the amount of energy your HVAC system consumes

  • Hire Top MEP Consultants for the Entire Process:

One of the things on top of your priority list should be hiring the right MEP engineers for the entire process of the project. The duration of their contract should last the whole project. This would help promote the absence of laxity at all stages of the construction. 

Any engineer from a top MEP engineering company would know their job. They would communicate with you about the progress of the project. This is to show transparency. 

One of the benefits is they are experts in locating a problem and fixing it in time. This would help reduce your expenses. When there is no break in their services or change in personnel, managing your project becomes easier and less expensive.


Using these tips, lowering the cost of the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems in a building is no hard task. It would not only save you money but also save you time. This way you get to spend less time, reduce cost and still have the same performance and quality materials you want.