Swimming pools are huge on bonding time. While not all swimming pools are built alike, you can keep certain pointers in mind before building the family swimming pool. Of course, safety is the most important factor as an average household would have everyone ranging from kids to the elderly and the space needs to be safe for everybody to use. While designing a family swimming pool can be an exciting task, it can also turn into a time-consuming project. To save your time and some money, here are five things to keep in mind while designing a family swimming pool.

  1. Shallow and Deep Ends
    It is always a good idea to segregate two ends of a swimming pool. Starting with a shallow end to eventually leading to a deeper end. Shallow ends will allow children, non-swimmers and even beginners to lounge or learn to swim, whereas the deeper end can be for those who are comfortable being in water and know how to swim. If all your family members know how to swim you can opt for a deep swimming pool. But it is always advised to have both ends to accommodate guests and other family members who may not know how to swim or may not be comfortable wading into deeper waters.
  2. The Flooring
    The flooring of swimming pools needs to be strong enough to withstand the weight of water and constant exposure to moisture, while being safe for the humans and animals that may get into the pool. The best type of swimming pool flooring is tiles. There are various types of tiles available that popularly include mosaic tiles, porcelain tiles, glass tiles, and brick swimming pool tiles among many others. Tiles are long-lasting and have low water absorption rate that make them a suitable choice for the pool. Of course, after considering the durability and safety factors, you can move on to choosing design and patterns that will have a great impact on the aesthetic of your pool.
  3. Learn-to-Swim Steps
    Pool steps are a crucial aspect of any swimming pool. You will notice that a lot of commercial swimming pools often have swim steps. They exist for you to safely get into or out of the pool, especially for those who are not ready to dive into the pool or just drag themselves out using their upper body strength. You can also get a tanning ledge on the sides for those who just want to lounge around safely and do not want to swim.
  4. Seating
    Swimming pools are spaces where you go to lounge, relax, work out and spend quality time with your family, and sometimes, alone. To make this space more inviting and warmer, you can add comfortable seating. You can choose furniture made using recyclable plastic or aluminum, and wicker chairs also are a huge favorite for the space. You can add colorful UV resistant cushions to the ambience to add more comfort to the space.
  5. Water Attractions
    Swimming pools are an attraction by themselves, but to make the area more engaging and fun, you can get other amusing features like scuppers, waterfalls, and water slides for children and adults to have fun. Although they might be an additional charge to your electricity consumption and maintenance costs, it will be a wholesome backyard addition, enjoyable for all age groups. While you can lounge in the pool, the children can have their own share of fun on the slides.

While designing your own family swimming pool may seem like a exciting task, it is best to consult a designer and get your thoughts on paper and work out the feasibility of your ideas. Keeping in mind the safety and durability of your swimming pool is important and listed above are some of the really easy ways by which you can enhance the safety, aesthetic and fun value of your swimming pool and the space around it.

Author bio

Isha Tandon has worked within the architecture and interior design industry as a flooring consultant expert – specializing in tiles, stones, and terrazzo.