Does that old exterior of your house make passers-by wonder if the house has been in use for centuries? Has the local museum contacted you to ask if you have any unique antiques from the last centuries that you could be generous enough to donate? Or have those rusty cupboards from the kitchen wake up the whole house every time you try to get yourself some snacks in the middle of the night ‘quietly’? It appears as if the stairs, the drawers, and even those pesky, squeaky little doorknobs are ready to expose your movements. If you said yes to all the above questions, then my good friend, it’s time for you to update your older home a little.

Follow these given tips and make use of some DIY’s (bonus points if you love to let your creativity flow) to get yourself a fashionable and classy looking house that your guests will be amazed over and won’t stop talking about it.

6 Ways to update your older home

Not only will these tips help in giving your older home that modern, stylish kick that it lacks, but it also helps in promising a better financial future. So let’s begin.

  1. Make Use Of The Sun

This modern age has quite a lot of benefits. Buy some solar panels for homes that’ll help store the sun’s light in the day and convert it into electrical energy at night. This modification will not only make the roof of your house look techy and stylish but will also help save a lot on your electricity bill. New edgy look and saves bill? What’s not to like!

  1. White, White, And More White

If you have wallpapers, then we’d recommend removing them. Nothing says last century more than some wallpapers with those Victorian designs. Start by painting your walls white. White-colored walls make the room look refreshing and make it look bigger and more breathable.

If you’re into wallpapers and still think that they’d look better than plain ol’ white walls, then more power to you. But let us suggest to you some tips. Opt for light-colored wallpapers. Darker wallpapers tend to make the room more compact, and they aren’t a pretty picture to look at if you want to modernize your older home.

To give your nest a more aesthetic look, opt for darker furniture that’ll come in contrast with the white background.

  1. Use WD-40

WD-40 is a well-known solution that acts as a lubricant, degreaser, and rust prevention solution. The number one use of this magical can is that if it is sprayed onto any squeaking substance, after a few seconds, that annoying creaks stop and work like new!

Now in your case, use it on door hinges, doorknobs, cupboard hinges, and anything else that makes a noise that you know it shouldn’t.

  1. Changing Curtains

Curtains are probably the most neglected pieces of cloth in the entire house. They can collect a lot of dust since they’re usually near the windows, and because of this reason, they can wear down pretty quickly.

We suggest investing in some light-colored, non-patterned, simple curtains. Make sure they’re not too thin but shouldn’t be too thick either. And to ensure a better future for your cute curtains, make sure to dust them at least once a week and wash them monthly.

  1. Vibrant Carpets And Rugs

Add a little drama to your plain house by using bright and cheery carpets and rugs. Make sure they’re not those fluffy ones since they get messy pretty quick and are harder to deal with. Always opt for plain ones since they are easy to clean and prone to collecting less dust.

Remember, simplicity is essential when it comes to modernizing your house. Pick colors like pink or green so they can give a little pop to the light-themed room.

  1. Enhance Your Lighting

Remember how bright and colorful everything looks whenever you go to a banquet to attend a wedding? The reason behind that is that those people use a ton of lighting. Now we’re not asking you to go and buy the entire stock of lightbulbs from your local hardware shop, but what we do want you to keep in mind is that no room should appear dim at all.

The lightings should be perfect and warm lights should be preferred instead of those bright white ones because they won’t blend in with the light-toned walls. Oh, and don’t worry about your electricity bill since you’ll be using electricity from those solar panels you installed.

Final Thoughts

In the end, it’s all about how you want to express yourself. If you’re into modernizing the entire look of your house inside-out, then the tips mentioned above can do wonders for you. Transform your nest using these tips and see how everyone starts taking inspiration from your ideas.


In case you have architectural, structural, and MEP design requirements or need remodeling of your older home, feel free to contact us.  We provide you with the full permit set design + T24.