Designing a commercial space that is both functional and attractive can be tricky, from picking a floor plan that has a good flow, to deciding what color paint to go with. It can all be a lot to plan out.

Though, owning a property that is used commercially can be very lucrative since even in the worst of times businesses still need a place to rent out and set up shop. So taking a little time initially to jazz the place up is a worthwhile investment. Hiring the right designers and commercial painters can pay off big time.

Make sure that your space stands out. Ensuring it has an awesome layout and a fabulous paint job can really make a difference in how you are able to utilize that space and who is going to want to lease it from you.

1. Pick the Right Paint Color

Pick the Right Paint Color

A lot of places try to be trendy and go with big bold colors, accent walls, and splashy designs. That seems fun and all, but it’s not really going to fit most businesses’ needs.

Generally, tenants are going to prefer neutral tones, like blues, greys, and whites. There’s real psychology behind picking a color for the workplace, and shades of blue have been known to increase productivity.

Keep things like this in mind when selecting a color scheme for the space, you want to make sure that it will appeal to the widest range of possible tenants.

2. Try to Keep Built-Ins to a Minimum

Sure, having built-in shelving in offices, or a cool receptionist desk seems like a good use of space. However, be sure to not go overboard with the permanent structures in the space.

If at any point in time the tenant wants to remodel, you’re going to have to do a lot more work to get around those built-in parts. Think about having to paint or do dry-wall around that trendy receptionist desk. It’s just going to be more trouble than it’s worth.

Of course, work with your tenant ahead of time to see what works best for them. They’ll usually want the space the fit with their furniture and overall business style.

3. Created an Experiential Space

It’s important to remember that though it is a business space, the people who work there are going to be within those four walls roughly 40 hours a week or more. Make it a pleasant experience.

Try to incorporate a fun lounge space or game room for the employes to really feel like they are getting away from work. It’s a small investment for a happy workforce.

If you have a spot for a ping pong table and you’re going for a fun office vibe, here is where you can go a little wild with the colors. As long as it doesn’t clash too hard with the rest of the color scheme, try painting the lounge space a light shade of yellow. It’s been known to be energizing and warm, helping with that mid-day slump.

Not to mention that having a hip workspace will increase the property’s value and land you more tenants long term.

4. Add More Windows

Everyone loves natural light. Why is it that everyone wants the coveted corner office? Because of the view! We want to be able to see a little blue sky while we work.

Sure it might mean knocking out a wall, having to put up a bit more dry-wall, and paint again. But it’s well worth the time and energy. Also, try alternatives like simply having glass walls between spaces to allow for a more open feel or perhaps install some skylights. Everyone loves skylights.

5. Try the Open Office Concept

Open Office Concept

If you’re working with a smaller space, try an open office concept. It’s the latest trend in modern office design and helps lend a more roomy feel.

A more open floor plan can have many benefits. There’s just something about walking into a big open space where everyone is hustling and bustling, chatting about their latest project over coffee. It simply makes collaborations and communication easier, by literally tearing down walls.

Take out those cubicles and replace them with smaller desks and maybe try lining desks along the wall to open up some floor space. Though if you go that way, make sure to have a really nice paint job, if that’s all folks are going to be looking at for 8 hours a day!

6. Think Outside the Box

Do you have a conference room that never gets used or a storage room that sits empty? Start thinking of different ways to use those spaces. Have the conference room serve two purposes, with a super comfy couch and chairs, it can function as a meeting room and a lounge.

Now you don’t want to put your employees in a storage closet. So knock down those unnecessary walls if needed. A little dry-wall work and a fresh coat of paint and boom! You’ve expanded your reception area to have more waiting space and now there is a spot for a coffee station.

Creativity is Key


The days of stuffy workspaces lined with cubicles are a thing of the past. These days a large open floor plan, a knockout paint job and a place to relax are all that’s needed to create a fabulous and functional space.

Remember to pick the right colors and make being in the space a pleasant experience rather than an unfortunate situation. Try to limit the amount of pre-built-in structures, it will just be more work and costs for labor in the long run when the tenant wants to re-model.

Work with windows! Everyone enjoys being able to peek out and see the blue sky now and again. Also, don’t shy away from open space designs, they are practical and good for the overall work environment.

Always be flexible with your space. Tear down walls, or build them as needed, and don’t be afraid to do put in a little extra effort for the greater investment in the property long term. After all this business space, is your business. Invest wisely.