Are you thinking about remodeling your home? Though the thought about having a fresh-looking home can be exciting, the actual work of remodeling can be really stressful.

If you don’t have enough space in your home, you will have to hire a moving company to take them to a home storage facility.

Moreover, if you’re remodeling your home on your own, you can also take assistance from numerous architecture apps available.

One of the main reasons why homeowners remodel their homes is to gain additional storage. And even if you don’t go for major extensions, with a little creativity, you can find the added storage space to keep your home more organized and neat.

Here are some great custom storage solutions to consider while remodeling.

1. Start with your kitchen

Since kitchens are always in need of additional storage space, it is best to start your renovation project by adding storage in the kitchen.

If your kitchen is spacious, you should consider a kitchen island as it serves multiple purposes.


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It will increase your counter space, serve as a place for serving bowls and less-used pots and pans, plus the storage possibilities beneath the island are endless.

You can also add a walk-in pantry to store your non-perishable food or display your china bowls. Not only will it add storage but boost your kitchen’s aesthetic appeal.


For small homes, you can hang wire baskets beneath shelves. It will give you easy access to contents, while efficiently using space in your cabinets. Consider a pulley system and store anything in your wire basket from vegetables to bowls and pans.

Sliding drawers are another great option as they make things easily accessible and help de-cluttering space. Try personalizing the pantry or your kitchen drawers or simply swap out your conventional cabinets for drawer cabinets for more storage.

Even a built-in wine rack will be a great addition.

2. Go creative with your bathroom storage

From adding shelving to cabinets, and a free-standing sink, or a sink skirt, there are limitless ways to add storage you’re your bathroom while remodeling your home.

Consider hanging a floating shelf below the sink to add the much-needed storage while keeping with the airy feel.

bathroom storage

Bar carts are perfect options in bathrooms for those with no cabinets or shelves. Since they come with wheels, they are easily movable. You can move it out of the way or closer to the shower as required.

Provided you have a bigger space, a medicine cabinet can add value to your modern home. You can store anything from toiletries to tissue rolls, and extra towels.

medicine cabinet

Also, hanging baskets from the walls will not only give you storage space but create an exclusive design feature while saving your floor space.

hanging baskets from the walls

3. Create smart entryway storage

Since your entryway is the first thing people will see when they enter your home, so it needs to be aesthetically appealing and organized. However, you can stock it with your everyday grab items as well.

Try adding cubbies or custom shelves. Cubbies can give your kids a space of their own while your coats still find their way to the racks.

Don’t waste any space. Even adding a simple, custom storage solution for your umbrellas, keys, or boots will make a world of difference.

entryway storage

You can consider adding a built-in bench for storing your boots. It can also have hidden storage for storing items that you don’t use daily.

Moreover, the space under the stairs can be efficiently used to create a unique storage solution.

unique storage solution

And if you want a clutter-free surface, create a space-saving mail organizer with magazine holders.

You will need a few sturdy magazine holders. Screw them the wrong way up on the bottom of a shelf or tabletop to have instant folders to keep your mail organized.

4. Maximize bedroom storage

When remodeling your bedroom, consider expanding the closet space. Besides that, you can design a custom closet to maximize storage for your wardrobe.

Opting for a headboard with storage can be another great idea. You can store your books, mementos, or other essentials.

bedroom storage

Or you can even go for a bed frame with drawers to store your clothes, files, or almost anything. It will ensure that your bedroom is effortlessly neat and tidy.

bed frame with drawers

You also have other options, such as built-in shelves and racks.

And if you need a table in your bedroom but don’t have space for it, install a fold-down table. It will disappear when you fold it back up after use, so you don’t have to worry about bumping into it.

5. Expand your living room storage

You don’t have to do anything extraordinary to expand your living room storage. Moreover, you want your living room space to be aesthetically appealing, so leaving it uncluttered is your best bet.

Simple things such as adding a coffee table with storage or a built-in shelf or a cabinet can easily maximize the storage in your living room.

living room storage

It is better to have an open shelf or shelf with transparent glass doors as you will want to display your book collection or other collectibles.

6. Install AC units on ceilings

MEP Engineering can help you minimize mechanical space. For instance, by following MEP design, your AC units can be installed on ceilings to save space.

When it comes to designing building systems, rather than specifying each building system separately, an integrated MEP design approach will give you better results.

Interactions between building systems become difficult to coordinate when you separate the design process. Moreover, equipment location conflicts might occur.

7. Use mini-split systems rather than packed rooftops units in small homes

When you use packaged rooftop units, multiple condensers can be consolidated as a single unit, but they demand sizable space for ductwork.

If you have a small home, mini-split systems are often the best choice as it offers a simpler installation and better energy efficiency.

Consider hiring MEP design engineers while renovating your home to minimize mechanical space.


Remodeling your home for creating a space solution cannot be that easy, and you will have to invest a considerable amount in it. But it is worth the effort and cost.

As a homeowner, you want your home to look appealing and add value. Considering these custom storage solutions while remodeling can help you achieve that.

If you are hiring moving trucks to shift your furniture or other valuables to a safe place while remodeling, you should also be prepared to tip the movers appropriately and ethically.

No matter how big or small your home is, you can still add storage space to your home with some creative ideas. Try the ones listed here today to help create a beautiful home!

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