Selling a house isn’t a walk in the park – from preparing your property for listing, entertaining on-site showings, to negotiating with homebuyers and preparing the paperwork for the closing date. 

With the tough competition in the real estate market in the United States, you need to ensure that your house will stand out from the crowd to allow more people to be interested in purchasing your property quickly. While you can always start by listing and promoting your house online, how you design your home can greatly affect the expected timeline you’ll likely encounter in selling your house. 

When selling a property, realtors old and new alike suggest to their sellers to adapt sound design techniques to ready their properties for viewing. With a great design, you allow your house to reach its full potential, looks-wise, for everyone to see. 

Utah Real Estate experts, architectural consultants, and the like recommend designing your property to sell your house faster and enjoy above-the-asking-price offers from highly motivated home seekers. Check out the list below to help you out.

  • Improve Your Front Yard 

Your front yard would be the first thing visitors see once they step onto your property. To help make your house look more inviting, you should make a good impression by improving your front yard’s appearance. 

You can begin by tending to your garden or hiring a professional landscape artist to redesign your yard. Replace your existing plants with species that look livelier, more colorful, and easier to care for. Also, try to mow your lawn to maintain it at its ideal height as frequently as possible.  

Allowing your front yard to look lively and healthy can help to improve its appearance which leaves a good impression on would-be homebuyers of your property.

  • Add Porch Furniture 

A beautiful front yard includes a well-decorated front porch – it’ll be the perfect place to wind down and enjoy drinking a cup of coffee every morning. To help make your home look cozier and more relaxing, consider adding fashionable furniture fixtures to your home’s porch. Ensure that you use colors that match your home’s exterior design well for a harmonious look. 

If you have enough space on your porch, placing an accent chair or swing can help to improve the appearance and vibe of the space. Added installations like furniture pieces can benefit both children and adults, as well as hook in as many clients as possible. 

  • Use Neutral Colors 

As you add furniture inside your home for staging, make sure that you use neutral colors to attract more homebuyers as much as possible. 

While it might be fun to be experimental by playing with pops of colors, many might not be too fond of those playful notes – inadvertently directing their attention away from your property’s full potential. Utilizing neutral colors for your home decoration can combat that because they’re generally acceptable to most tastes. 

Ideally, you can make use of colors that play with white, gray, black, wood, and the like. For accent colors, you can throw in blues and greens for a natural, relaxing, and homey effect. As a reminder, ensure that you only add a maximum of 10% as your accent colors so you can still allow the room to follow a neutral color palette. 

  • Don’t Leave Any Room Vacant 

If your house has plenty of room, it might be tempting to leave some of the rooms vacant and skip designing them. While this might help to save money, it’s not a recommended move by realtors and property experts. To help your potential buyers see your home’s full potential, decorating every space of it is necessary, including unused rooms.  

For your spare rooms, you could try staging them as an at-home workstation, indoor gym, or even as an entertainment room. This way, you can allow home hunters to imagine what kind of cool new features they could have inside your home, increasing the chances of a faster sale.   

  • Declutter And Remove Personal Belongings

When selling your home, decluttering is extremely important as it helps to make your home look neat and fresh. Apart from your rubbish, you should also remove any personal items for they prevent homebuyers to try and figure out what it feels like to live in your property as if it was theirs. 

To keep your personal belongings away, consider renting a storage space. This gives you the chance to keep your items without having to throw them in the dump. In fact, you can even reuse personal items in your new home after you’ve successfully closed a deal quickly and have sold your house to a lucky buyer.   

  • Include Decorative Pieces To Your Home Design

Even if you’ve already added some basic furniture inside your living space, it might not be enough to give off a relaxing and homey vibe. To complete the overall look, you should strategically add sufficient amounts of decorative pieces around. This can help to highlight your home’s beauty further.

For your decorative pieces, you can add a shelf, coffee table accents, table setting, and wall decorations. Those small details can help make a house look complete and increase the aesthetic value of your property.  

  • Improve Lighting 

While it might seem small, your home’s lighting can greatly affect the appearance and ambiance of your property. A dim house radiates an uninviting and gloomy aura, both big no-no’s when trying to win buyers and ensure a fast sale. With that, you should improve your home’s lighting system by replacing old and worn-out bulbs. 

Install accent lighting – try to make them as comfortable to the eyes yet still bright and vibrant as much as possible. To take things up a notch, avail yourself of smart lighting systems to keep up with the limes, as well as jack up the value of your listing. 

  • Place Indoor Plants 

Adding life inside your home would be a great way to make your home look and feel warmer, livelier, and more comfortable. Thus, it’s highly advised that you add indoor flora to your home as decorative pieces. Plants are helpful in filling out empty spaces all the while providing you and your loved ones with multiple health and environmental benefits. Handpick plants that can thrive in various indoor conditions and require little to no maintenance. 


Designing your home for a quick house sale isn’t easy as you need to be careful and particular about plenty of things. But with the right tips, such as using neutral colors, adding enough decorative pieces, improving your yard, and updating your lighting, you can make your home look attractive and feel cozy at the same time. It’ll be the perfect way to attract more interested buyers to your property, which encourages speedy closing. 

Author Bio

Sonya Hall is a real estate agent with over 12 years of experience. She shares her knowledge in selling properties through writing guest posts. On her free days, Sonya enjoys hiking and camping with her friends.