These appliances continuously improve lives and are considered a necessity rather than a luxury. This is especially true for those who live in Dubai and other parts of the United Arab Emirates where they ranked higher than cars, smartphones, and the internet in terms of necessity. Because of this, you must do everything you can to keep your AC working optimally for as long as possible. These appliances last around 10 to 12 years on average, but, with proper care and AC service, they can last longer. Read on to learn nine things you can do to prolong your Air Conditioner’s lifespan.

  1. Choose the Right Air Conditioner Specs for the Room

Extending the life of your AC begins with choosing one with the appropriate specs. When shopping for these appliances, you must consider one crucial thing: the size of the room.

If the AC is too small, it cannot maintain a comfortable temperature in a given space. Because its task is too great, there’s also a high possibility that you’ll only be overworking your AC to no avail.

Continuously operating in this situation also increases the appliance’s wear and tear, which reduces its lifespan rather than extends it. Of course, buying something too big for your home isn’t good either. Since it would reach the desired temperature too fast, the AC would constantly turn on and off, resulting in moisture issues that are also bad for the system.

To ensure that you get the right specs, consult expert technicians before buying an AC. Better yet, have them measure the area where the unit will be installed and let them guide you in your purchase decision.

  1. Clear Away Debris Around the Outdoor Unit

Whether it’s a split- or window-type unit, your air conditioner is bound to have a part of it placed outdoors. While these appliances are designed to withstand the elements for years, they won’t be able to last long if they take a significant beating from tree branches, twigs, nuts, and other debris.

To prevent damage because of this, make sure the space around the outdoor unit’s base is free of shrubs and grass. Maintain at least one meter of clear space around the coil. And don’t forget to cut overhanging tree branches that could fall on top of the AC.

  1. Follow Recommended Maintenance

If you want to enjoy cool and clean air inside your Dubai home longer, you mustn’t wait until you already need a repairman before taking a close look at your unit.

With complex machines like air conditioners, prevention is always better than cure. That means you must have your unit checked periodically to ensure that it’s in perfect shape.

Even if you don’t notice anything wrong with it, your AC system may not be totally okay. Routine AC maintenance lets you identify developing issues and correct them before they cause a system breakdown. Pro Tip: Read the user’s manual to know the maintenance schedule for your unit.

  1. Keep it Clean

Various levels of cleaning can be done for an AC. While some may be too complex for you to perform yourself, there are other steps you can take to ensure that your air conditioner is clean.

Besides freeing the unit from dust and debris, you can also clean the filters at least once every quarter. If you’re not confident you can get all the dirt out, hire professionals to do it for you.

Qualified technicians have the necessary skills, tools, and equipment to reach every nook and cranny inside the machine.

  1. Replace the Filters

The filters in your AC keep dust, dirt, and debris from entering and damaging the condenser coil. But over time, it becomes congested and unable to work as it should. So, besides a regular cleaning, you also need to pay close attention to the condition of the filters.

Some models require replacing these components within a given period or when they become blocked with particles filtered from the air. This way, you avoid overworking the rest of the machine, preventing a total system breakdown.

  1. Check the Airflow

Check the AC’s airflow to see if any issue prevents it from working its best. This may include air duct leaks, blocked air registers, and improper installation, among other things.

Like filters, airflow problems can overwork the unit. If left unresolved, these problems would eventually cause overheating and breakdown.

  1. Let it Rest

Though easier said than done during warm summer months, letting your air conditioner rest significantly reduces wear and improves its longevity.

Fortunately, there are several other ways you can cool off your house while your AC system is on break:

  • Open the windows. Crack a window open on days that aren’t too hot. This lets fresh air in and may also improve the air quality inside your home.
  • Use fans more often. Fans help with airflow and are less expensive to run than air conditioners. Plus, they are also efficient if you’re only cooling a small part of the house.
  • Ensure proper home insulation. Proper insulation helps maintain a comfortable temperature inside your home. It also improves your property’s energy efficiency by reducing the need for additional cooling.
  1. Invest in a Smart Thermostat

Air conditioning systems can also be automated to operate only when you’re around to enjoy the cool air.

With the help of a smart thermostat, you can program your AC system to run only when necessary. When nobody’s in the house, it will automatically turn off.

To maximize this, schedule your air conditioning to turn on about 30 minutes before you arrive home. The programmable thermostat could also help prevent the AC system from working too hard throughout the day.

  1. Never Delay Repairs

Air conditioners could break, just like any other appliance in your house. Of course, you can prevent anything serious by dealing with the repairs immediately, no matter how minor they may seem. Among the common problems you shouldn’t shrug off are:

  • Leaks
  • Freezing
  • Failure to cool down
  • Power on failure

If you spot a problem with the unit, find qualified mechanics offering right away so it won’t get worse.

Enjoy Cool Air Longer

Air conditioners have improved people’s lives significantly through the years. Make sure you enjoy the benefits they offer longer by taking the steps listed in this article.