Leaving America is a good opportunity to restart your life in a more affordable country and improve your standard your living. Even today, 8.7 million US citizens live outside the US in 160 countries. If you live along the East Coast in a city like Miami, expect to pay 22% higher living costs than average Americans nationwide. While moving to the midlands might also be cheaper, you can relocate outside the US to explore possibilities. But how to make your international move a smooth transition?

It’s not difficult for Miami residents to leave the US and resettle overseas since the East Coast has easy transportation routes for both people and cargo. You just have to know how to go through the relocation process. Here’s what you need to know:

Research your foreign destination properly

Choose your destination wisely after considering different factors and comparing numerous countries. Americans have many options when it comes to planning an international move. From Mexico to the UAE – many countries offer the path to a brand-new lifestyle. Go to Numbeo and compare the cost of living as well as these additional factors:

  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Cultural norms
  • Retirement plans
  • Pet import guidelines

Hire movers

Transporting your belongings across international borders can be a nuisance without professional assistance. That’s why it’s better to partner with international long distance movers to coordinate your move. As of 2022, more than 200,000 Floridians moved out of the state with the help of a reliable moving company. Nearly 45,000 Miami residents left the city between 2020 and 2021, and the numbers continue to rise.

You can find reliable, BBB-accredited Miami international movers & experts to simplify your overseas move. A trustworthy moving company will deal with customers, manage packing and labeling, and move your stuff out of Miami via the safest route.

Obtain your residency visa

Getting your residency visa can be tricky; different countries have specific requirements for visa permits. You need to go through strict timelines, complex paperwork, and numerous interviews before you’re allowed to enter a foreign country. To simplify things, consider relocating to a US-friendly country where residency visas are issued to Americans without hassle.

You should also find alternative means to leave the East Coast, such as finding employment opportunities. Running an online business will help you get a business visa, and you can easily move out of the United States to countries like Greece and Germany.

Get your finances in order

Organize your finances and open a bank account in another country. It helps you diversify your assets, manage your taxes efficiently, and hold multiple currencies in different accounts. Talk to a financial advisor about closing your bank accounts in America. Get your finances in order so you can make your international move comfortable.

Sell or rent your property

Determine what will happen to your current home when leaving the East Coast. If you’re renting an apartment, there’s nothing to worry about; just hand in your notice, and you are done. However, if you own a house in America, there are two ways to manage your property:

  • Refurnish your house, hire a licensed realtor, and sell your property to the highest bidder
  • Rent out your house to generate regular income while you’re living in a foreign country

Bring your original docs abroad

When leaving the United States, it’s important to bring your original documents abroad. Gather all your paperwork and safeguard this package by keeping it on your person when moving out of the country. Don’t forget to make extra photocopies of your documents if the originals go missing (avoid losing your originals, though). Some important documents include the following:

  • Passport
  • Tax returns
  • Birth certificate
  • Power of Attorney
  • Marriage certificate
  • Immunization records
  • International Driving Permit (IDP)

Work on your language skills

Learning the native language of the country you decide to move to will help you blend into the local culture. Unfortunately, many US expatriates neglect to learn the language of their new country and rely on translators to communicate with locals. While this can work for some time, you’ll eventually come to a point where you will struggle because of the language barrier.

Here’s how bilingualism makes your international move a success:

  • Converse with your neighbors and service providers
  • Gain relevant insights into the country’s customs and traditions
  • Find the best employment opportunities available in that country
  • Gain the respect of locals and deal with authorities without trouble
  • Broaden your horizons and foster adaptability by overcoming cultural barriers

Keep a contingency plan ready

In case something gets awry, what’s your plan B? It’s important to have a contingency plan ready when you are about to leave the United States. For instance, a report shows that 100,000 American ex-pats faced passport problems in 2021, and even the US embassy in Jerusalem had issues with passport backlog. These problems can make your journey out of the East Coast a pain in the neck.

Similarly, unexpected medical emergencies can arise, or you may lose your visa eligibility. You need enough funds to return to America if you get kicked out of that country.

Prepare for a non-American lifestyle

After you’ve moved to another country, it’s time to overcome barriers. Learn about your new homeland’s culture, customs, and traditions. Prepare for a new lifestyle by:

  • Buying a local SIM card when reaching your destination
  • Keeping in touch with your family and friends back home
  • Learning how to ward off racism, xenophobia, and other evils
  • Making friends with the locals and hanging out with your new neighbors
  • Giving yourself ample time to settle in and get familiar with your new surroundings


Moving out of the United States from the East Coast is not that difficult when you know how to do it right. This blog discusses some crucial factors to consider when leaving America. Organize your finances, obtain your residency visa, and improve your language skills. Keep your original documents in order. Hire international movers to transport your belongings overseas and make your move successful.