The Egyptians were the first civilization to use wood for furniture-making, with some specimens dating back as far as 2,000 B.C.

The strongest types of wood available for furniture in those days included palm, almond, date, and fig, so the Egyptians imported more durable alternatives from elsewhere.

Furniture construction’s been considerably refined since then as we’ve discovered more of the world’s tree species.

So, after all these centuries of design evolution, what is the strongest type of wood for furniture? Keep reading to discover the basics of furniture construction.

Hardwoods Are the Strongest Types of Wood

There are two types of wood used for construction today, namely hardwoods and softwoods.

Hardwood species are strong, durable, and slow-growing. They’re also a lot more expensive than their softer, faster-growing relatives, the softwood species.

Although both types of wood are suitable for furniture construction, hardwoods are more durable and considered the strongest type of wood for furniture.

These are the strongest and best hardwood species for making furniture:


Mahogany is a medium-grain hardwood that’s best for cabinetry and large furniture items. It has an attractive tan to reddish-brown color and is a popular choice for wood furniture used in formal settings like dining rooms.

Mahogany’s durable and resistant to decay, swelling, and shrinkage.


Oak’s a popular choice for fine, durable furniture and comes in two varieties. Red oak has a pinkish hue, while white oak has a greenish tinge.

Due to its light color and porous nature, oak stains well and is one of the most common types of wood for furniture used in modern home design.

According to D C Keeton Home Improvements, you can refinish any kind of wood to achieve the look you want. So, don’t let this factor determine your choice of wood furniture.


Another light-colored wood that’s ideal for staining, maple is also very resistant to shock, highly durable, and doesn’t split.

This type of wood has a fine texture and an even grain. It’s non-toxic and easy to clean so it’s an attractive choice for kitchen furniture.


Another top choice for formal settings, cherry wood furniture’s highly prized for its attractive color.

The wood also has a uniform texture and fine grain and is extremely durable and also expensive. Cherry darkens over time, making it even more attractive.

Thanks to this unique property, cherry wood pieces are among the most valuable and sought-after types of wood furniture in the country.


Walnut wood has a light to dark-brown color and is a strong, long-lasting wood. Despite this, it’s lightweight and easy to work with when it comes to furniture making.

This wood also stains readily, has an attractive straight grain, and is easy to carve. It’s most commonly used for ornate items like headboards and mantelpieces.

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