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Who we are - S3DA Design

Our Story

S3DA Design is a San Diego-based structural and architectural design firm which comprises a passionate group of architects and engineers who are well-versed in providing structural design and architectural services. It was formed in 2016 and stems from a passion for design excellence. We’ve been privileged to work on major projects across several cities across North America and subsequently, in the UK.

We have extensive experience working on both residential and commercial projects in various countries. To this end, we competently offer structural, architectural and other related works. As qualified experts in the commercial, residential, and industrial sector, we do our best in bringing life to every project we work on.

We would be happy to work round the clock just to make sure that each of our projects are completed with the right level of creativity, whilst ensuring that we stay on-track with your pre-conceived idea. Our story is simple: we’re passionate architects and engineers who help our clients realize their dreams.

Our sole aim for every project we work on is to design comfortable, enjoyable, and aesthetically pleasing spaces. Our list of clientele attest to the fact that we always attend to the needs and whims of our clients, providing architectural and structural solutions to fit with the highest, most demanding standards.

Our Team

Nader Moavenian - S3DA Design

Nader Moavenian

Contract Manager
Mike Hawk

Mike Hawk

General Contractor
Mohammad Khan - Structural engineer

Mohammad Khan

Structural Engineer
Mathew Parker - S3DA Design

Mathew Parker

Sales Manager
Said Shams - S3DA Design

Saeed Shams

Hossain Ahmadian - S3DA Design

Hossain Ahmadian

Structural Engineer
Susan Torabi

Susan Tora

Marketing Manager
Gentian - Senior Civil Engineer

Gentian Rexhaj

Senior Civil Engineer
Sebastian Rey Gonzalez

Sebastian Rey Gonzalez


Our Partner

GCM General Contractor

Impact Modular Leasing

Pacific Gulf Construction


Our Approach

Our approach is simple – collaboration is integral to the creation process. We make it very easy for you as our client to approach us whenever you feel it’s necessary. In fact, we are eager to hear your ideas because we understand that the success of your project transcends attaining a stipulated result. This also helps making the process as smooth and as pleasant as it can be from the conception of your ideas to the completion.

You will be engaged in brainstorming sessions that help us understand exactly what you have in mind. This process is very transparent and it involves asking you numerous open-ended questions. We then analyze the pros and cons of the various design concepts. This will enable us to have a full understanding of what the finished project should look like.

Our meticulous customer service ensures that the overall project is engineered to fit your requirements and ensures that the finished project fits into your pre-assigned specification, budget, and time frame.

Our vision

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