The most amazing uses of glass in architecture

Architectural Glass Design:

Simplicity, practicality, and beauty in one material. During the past few years, glass has become a very important construction material, which has made possible many of the most beautiful and fascinating pieces of architecture in the world due to its remarkable beauty, simplicity, and practicality. Glass is one of the most reliable building materials nowadays due to its many applications and low costs. It has reached a privileged position in modern architecture because of the many benefits it brings to the table.
Using glass makes it easier to provide natural light to building areas due to its transparency. On top of that, customization capabilities, which range from a very varied assortment of colors to high-tech specs like the ones used in google glass, are fully available when working with glass.
In fact, Glass is the star in the most designer concept “house of the future” buildings: glass walls would not need to be painted if their color can change like screen changes. Picture glass panels that can turn any color, shape or pattern desired with just a few clicks or voice commands. Imagine a house in which you do not need to have a computer, tablet, smartphone or TV because every single wall is a screen connected to the internet ready to show you whatever you need… We are not too far from this becoming a reality.

Architectural Glass Design

Glass also has the upper hand as an Eco-friendly material due to its sturdiness it lasts a long time, its capabilities to provide natural light and the possibility to integrate solar panels along with ease, saving a lot of money in the process. In fact, another game-changer in the use of glass as a construction material would be its recycling properties: Every single little glass panel used in the construction of a house can be extracted from recycling (which adds another plus to its high eco-friendly ratings). The Glasshouses can be developed to become cool in hot environments or situations and warm in otherwise cold environments or situations.

Architectural Glass Design

Long story short, the glass will most probably become the king of construction materials in near future architecture. It evolved from an ornamental material into a highly valuable piece of construction material which provides an assortment of solutions for nowadays changing the world.

Written By: Abelli Noja