The use of words like a modern farmhouse and American farmhouse skyrocketed in recent times and this is because of the increased awareness of the benefits of this home design. Whenever a farmhouse is mentioned, it brings back good memories, especially for those who had the privilege to grow up in an actual farmhouse. Even though there are slight changes in the outlook and the architecture underpinning the concept, it is fundamentally the same.
While the farmhouses that have been popularized nowadays appear modern and contemporary, the design is inspired by a number of essential elements present in the good old American farmhouse design. Sometimes, the design is replicated exactly, at other times, it is slightly played with and used to create something new.
Whichever case you’re working with, here are some essential features you should not go without in a modern farmhouse.

The Front Porch

The beauty of the farmhouse is that the front porch spans the front and gives a welcoming, inviting outlook. Other home designs see the front porch in a small, enclosed form, giving the hint of something inconspicuous. If the house is oriented accordingly, the front porch might also give a cooling effect as the overhangs can prevent direct penetration of sunlight.

American modern farmhouse style

Barn Lighting

A barn light, as basic and mundane as it might be, provides your house with a form of style. There are also barn-style lights and gooseneck lamps that you can have installed in your farmhouse to give it that consummate farmhouse look. One thing you’re sure of is that it won’t affect the existing aesthetics of your home.

Barn Lighting - architecture design

Metal Roof

You’re probably not surprised to see this element on the list, right? It doesn’t just give you the American farmhouse experience, it is also a very durable and reliable installation. It is streamlined; built to serve its purpose while giving off the sleek look.

modern farmhouse - metal roof
Tim Brown Architecture

Shiplap and Butt Boards

This is a classic addition. Hardly would you see a modern farmhouse with drywall. Rather, the walls of these designs boast tongue-and-groove paneling, ship laps, and butt boards to introduce strong lines that give off a strong, retro look. This look is even accentuated when it is painted white.

Board-and-batten siding

The exterior of farm buildings originally boasts board-and-batten siding and this is something that a lot of architects retain when they come up with new home designs for American farmhouses. They can also decide to play with it a little and bring it into the interior design.

Board-and-batten siding

Shaker kitchen cabinetry

Shaker-Styled cabinetry is rapidly becoming the norm and the reason for this is the simple, classic look that blends in perfectly with the existing aesthetics of the home. This style is adopted for traditional farmhouses, modern farmhouses, and other different styles. The simple, clear lines are also very alluring when you consider the overall effect it gives your home.

Shaker kitchen cabinetry

The Barn-Influenced Doors

We won’t be mistaken if we say that this style has come to stay. It embraces the entirety of an American farmhouse and it does this without stress or additional expenses. It has also been adopted by those who cannot afford a complete remodel of their apartment.

The Barn-Influenced Doors

The reclaimed beams

When a vaulted ceiling is installed, the barn outlook begins to form. With a reclaimed beam, the sense of history and belonging further permeates your home. There’s no way to go wrong with this sort of home design.

reclaimed beam
Magic Projects

Plank Floors

Back then, the lumber industry was filled with floorboards that had a very wide layout. Most of these planks were made from heart pine at the time and they accentuated the barn-nature of the building. The good news is that you can still get similar planks for your building if you desire.

Plank Floors
Gardner Homes

2-Over-2 Windows

You weren’t possibly thinking that we would finish this article without mentioning this exciting design, did you? Of course not! The classic design speaks for itself and it is an architect’s favorite everywhere.

2-Over-2 Windows - Home design

It is your turn now: Are you interested in designing your home in a modern farmhouse style? What kinds of elements are you willing to incorporate? Please share with us in the Comments