Nowadays, energy costs keep spiking up as if there is no end to it. Especially in commercial buildings where energy consumption is most likely to be immense. Office lights, for instance, consume the most energy. A basic necessity in commercial buildings when compared to all electrical devices.

In these kinds of problems, using green energy is one of the ways to solve them. Out of the many renewable energy sources, solar energy through solar panels is the most ideal. Even for commercial buildings. This is because most of them have unused space on the roofs to place many solar panels.


What are Solar Panels and Energy?   


Solar panels help you convert solar energy into usable energy that you can store for later use. The solar panel converts the solar energy by harvesting light particles or photons. This is through using photovoltaic cells found in solar panels. The photovoltaic cells then transform the harvested photons into electric current or voltage for you to use.  


Don’t worry if you think there would be no converted energy in heavy rains or no sunlight. Solar panels can store the converted energy in generators. This is effective even if the weather is unfavorable.   


If you are in the market for some solar panels, here are some types of solar panels that you can choose from;   


  • Monocrystalline Solar Panels    
  • Polycrystalline Solar Panels    
  • Passivated Emitter and Rear Cell (PERC) Panels    
  • Thin-film Solar Panels    


What is Green Energy? Why is it useful?   


Green energy is any variation of energy you can generate from natural resources. More often those using particular technologies. In our case, solar energy is our natural resource. Regardless, there are other types of green energy.


Types of Green Energy:  


  • Solar   
  • Geothermal   
  • Wind   
  • Hydropower   
  • Ocean   
  • Bioenergy   
  • Biomass   
  • Biofuel   


Benefits of Using Solar Panels   


Solar panels indeed have several benefits you can experience, residential or commercial. Here are those benefits:   


  • Cost Savings   


Companies and businesses need to pay for rented electricity from electrical companies. Installing solar panels on commercial buildings is an excellent investment. It will decrease energy consumption since the electricity will come from stored natural energy. Not from the electrical companies’ power grids.    


Investing in solar panels is a good idea, and do not worry if you put several solar panels on a single building. You will reap the fruits of your investment in no time. Companies in commercial buildings can expect a significant decrease in their utility bills.   


Installation, maintenance, and repairs are also part of the costs. This is because you will need a professional’s help in a commercial building setting. The cost of professional service will depend on the size of the building’s roof. But do not worry, because this investment is worth it when you see a massive decrease in utility bills. 

So do not fret. Point out any roof hatches on your commercial building and allow the experts to work.     


  • Return on Investment   


Investing and installing solar panels can increase the commercial building’s monetary value. It is because using solar panels is an upgrade due to the outstanding and valuable features.    


Real estate investors are more interested in commercial buildings with solar-enabled features. Because they benefit the building and its occupants. They are more inclined to pay a premium for building developments like these. So you need to think twice if you invest in solar panels.   


Installation, maintenance, and repairs are also part of the costs. You will need a professional’s help in a commercial building setting. The cost will depend on the building’s roof size. Do not worry though, this investment is always worth it when you see a massive decrease in utility bills. So do not fret; just point out any roof hatches on your commercial building and let the professionals do their work.     


There are federal tax incentives that come with solar panel companies. These financial incentives help the return on investment. They reduce the payback period of the solar system by boosting it while lowering the payback period. This information is critical all who wish to invest in solar panels should be aware of it.   


  • A Positive Impact on the Environment   


Solar energy has the least damaging effect on the environment compared to other energy sources. Thanks to the clean, pure energy from the sun. Each kilowatt-hour generated by the solar panel will reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Also reduces different kinds of dangerous pollutants to a great extent.    


Solar panels need very little water for maintenance work and don’t contaminate it. It doesn’t create any kind of noise when installed, to the benefit of the occupants of the building. Installing a solar panel already covers water, air, and noise pollution, helping our environment.   


Disadvantages of Using Solar Panels on Commercial Buildings   


Considering whether it is worth installing solar panels on commercial buildings? Then you must also know the possible disadvantages it might bring. 

Here are those disadvantages;  


  • Possible Intermittent Energy Source   


Since the sun is the source of energy, nighttime and heavy rains will be a problem. Users will have to store the gathered solar energy for later use. Intermittent energy will be a problem for some regions with the least sunlight or sunny days. They may find it hard to gather enough solar energy.   


  • Installation Requires Large Spaces   


Since the setting is a commercial building, you need a large amount of space. The critical area will be a problem for commercial buildings with small roof space or essential equipment on their roofs.   


  • Installation Problems   


Even with rebates and tax breaks included in the installment, installing is still an extravagant investment. When installing a solar panel, you must reconfigure the electrical system on an existing structure. You may also need to upgrade your roof. These problems are too much for a professional installer.  


Final Thoughts   


In answering whether solar panels are worth it on commercial buildings, the answer is yes, it is worth it. The benefits of using solar panels are very considerable to pass. The benefit worth taking note of is that it is very cost-efficient, which everyone needs right now.