Improving the customer experience is vital to an existing business or new start-up, regardless of industry.

Technology is becoming more and more integral to businesses, with 72% of businesses naming AI as the leading tech they want to integrate into their company. But far from just investing in anything and everything, you need to have a strategic approach to utilise technology and digital solutions to your advantage. This is especially important for construction companies and real estate as you move towards a more integrated use of AI and VR software to bring designs and ideas to life.

TechRepublic has suggested that poorly thought out tech and digital purchases have caused businesses to lose around 28 million dollars on unsuitable digital transformations as they were unaware of what was and wanted the right solution for them. According to an Everest Group study, 73% of companies failed to provide any business value from their digital transformation process.

From this end, gaining greater awareness of the market and doing more in-depth research will enable businesses to implement the correct end to end solution that takes you from the idea stage through to a completed product. This can help you avoid the common pitfalls of investing in the wrong solutions and ensure that you are built from success.

So how can you do this? DMI has put together this infographic showing exactly how you can revolutionise your digital transformation for the better and set your business up for success at each and every stage of your new project.

Infographic Created By Digital Management, LLC