When it comes to renovation and interior designing, most homeowners tend to overlook the bathroom in their projects. Also, due to the regular utilization of the bathroom, most of us may think that redesigning the room for aesthetic appeal is not necessary. There are actually many benefits you can get from beautifying your bathroom design and renovating some spaces and areas within it. Here, we will share some bathroom design ideas that will not only brighten up this private space but also help you feel good and refreshed.

Pay Attention to Good Lighting

Lighting is an essential part of any living space. Private spaces also need the same lighting requirement. Most modern bathrooms need proper illumination to make it more comforting and relaxing when you are inside the bathroom. Good distribution of light is needed to find spots and blemishes on the room and more importantly, to help us wash and clean ourselves better when taking a bath. Also, good lighting makes the bathroom feel roomier. Make sure to have your lights strategically placed around bathroom mirrors. We don’t want to constantly strain our eyes or keep squinting just to get a good look at ourselves in the mirror.

Expand Your Wall Covering Design

Make your bathroom look more catchy all throughout the room to give it a distinct, exclusive feel. Feel free to use medium- or large-scale wallpapers or tile patterns across the bathroom. It also makes the bathroom feel bigger and gives the feeling of being transported to a different dimension. Work your creativity with the designs, especially along the corners and ceilings to make your room burst out with artistry.

Work on Your Bathroom Boundaries

Most small living spaces like apartments and urban houses conserve square footage for living spaces by keeping the toilet and shower in a single bathroom. While the ideal setup should have separate rooms for the toilet and shower, this space-saving setup can also prove advantageous. Being able to readily access the toilet and shift to a bathing mode or taking a quick trip to the toilet after taking a bath can be conveniently done in this setup. You just need to be creative with working on how to set boundaries and partitions. Glass enclosures or stylish plastic bathroom stalls can change the overall feel and dimension of your bathroom. Seeing designated spaces for the toilet and bath adds a sense of privacy and security.

Maximize the Magic of Mirrors

Mirrors can work wonders in various parts of the home, including the bathroom. Indulge your vanity and your need for a spacious feel by changing your bathroom mirror to a wall-to-wall mirror. It does not just create the illusion of having a large bathroom space, it also helps disperse the illumination across the room even with limited lighting. Also, your wall designs get an extended view, so work on adding a fancy or sweet wallpaper design and give it more coverage with a large mirror.

Don’t Hold Back on Tiles

Your bathroom tiles are not just floor or wall coverings. They are also space and aesthetic appeal enhancers. Don’t be afraid to get more tiles added to your walls. Walls can make a good color statement if you choose a single color. It can also enhance a bathroom theme that comes to your mind. One of the coolest themes you can incorporate to your bathroom is an oceanic theme, where you can use several alternating hues of green or blue for the tiles on your wall. Add a wall painting or small wall or ceiling mural depicting the beach or the ocean to add to the cool, refreshing atmosphere of the bathroom.

Give Your Bathroom an Air of Opulence

Make your bathroom look and feel like a five-star hotel bathroom by incorporating brass, silver,  gold-plated decorations and fixtures. Add a shining and elegant touch to your towel holder by doing away with your metal or plastic holder and installing a gold-plated one instead. Level up your aesthetic game by applying gold plated showerheads, faucets, and even soap dishes to give an air of elegance and opulence to your bathroom. Your guests and visitors will be awestruck by your bathroom design and you start and end your day with a feeling of abundance and generosity due to the opulent atmosphere.

Get Tidy and Organized

Getting the things you need for your bath, your beauty regimen, and dental in a convenient yet fashionable way is a win-win situation. Installing a floating shelf underneath the bathroom mirror and placing the medicine convenient next to it are good examples of an organized and space-saving bathroom design. Combining your bathroom cabinet with your makes it a good space saver as you can store essential bathroom items within your reach. Also, the cabinet can hold towels, candles, and soaps which are ready to use or stored to replenish used supplies. Shower niches are also ingenious ways of organizing your bathroom space. These architectural designs can save a lot of precious bathroom space by utilizing the wall width for storage purposes. Having storage or holding places on a single area or side of the bathroom reduces clutter and maximizes the bathroom space, allowing for freedom of movement.

Utilize Unused Spaces

Corners and overhead spaces get the least attention and utilization in most rooms in the house. When it comes to the bathroom, these spaces can come in handy for holding bathroom essentials and for placing ornaments and decorations. Corner shelves can reduce space consumption and maximize your capacity to hold more bathroom items by reducing the contents of wall-mounted shelves and cabinets. Overhead areas are great spaces to put additional floating shelves for larger and multiple bath linens and accessories. This space can be utilized for placing paintings, mirrors, murals, and other wall decorations. Utilizing the overhead area also gives the illusion of having more vertical space, which gives your bathroom a tall, grand look.


When it comes to bathroom design ideas, let your creativity run free, and don’t be afraid to let imagination guide your vision for your bathroom improvement. Each of us has our own unique set of preferences, lifestyles, and personalities which can be reflected in the way we decorate and design our home interior. Don’t let your bathroom be left out and let it also take part in conveying your unique interior design style.