Surprisingly it may seem that this year brought changes in how people live;  unexpected memories and a new beginning has come. COVID-19 pandemic may sound like a tragic and traumatic event, but you can’t deny the fact that you discovered various talents and strengths within you. The four walls of your bedrooms are your first audience as you explore it. Studies reveal that your bedroom reflects your personality, including your likes, interest, passion, etc. It shows through your posters, bedroom color schemes, room decorations, and furniture. For example, if you’re a sentimental type, you used pictures of your loved ones as wall decor. Below explains some ideas that you need to know before proceeding with your bedroom renovation.

A bedroom is not only a room for you to rest; instead, it is your sanctuary, a safe and relaxing place after a long tiring day. Decorating your space can be difficult, but there are several ideas to choose from.  You only need to release your artistic side, and a little DIY for your bedroom renovation could help.

What’s New For 2021?

As the first principle in bedroom renovation, the way you arrange your bedroom reflects your concept of comfort and relaxation. You also may consider the style trends and fresh ideas to prevent fear of missing out or FOMO, as generation Z abbreviated it. Quarantine days keep everyone getting innovative and resourceful within their respective houses. Undoubtedly, you are familiar with one piece of furniture with many functions and hanging shelves used as bedroom storage ideas as it suddenly hits. Today, minimalism and creative wallpapers are the top choices of interior designers. Maybe this is the right time to restyle your bedroom.

Here are some bedroom ideas to get you inspired. Check them out!

Bedroom Walls as a Space Saver

If you’re struggling in space and you don’t want to dump your things inside a box, this style is perfect for you! Create floating storage on walls for your books, magazines, jewelry, and gadgets too. There are several options for your bedroom renovation using this idea. For example, you can make a floating shelf beside your desk, place your school and office supplies. Another preferred concept is wall shelves with drawers; this will save your space and own multifunction storage. So, you can store your jewelry inside and place an indoor plant on top of it.  It can maximize your area and help you to organize your things.

A Loft Bed Frame

This bedroom idea is suitable for a studio-type setup and does not have separate rooms.  It could be the best way to consider purchasing a loft bed frame since a regular bed could take up a vast amount of space—a bed above and an extra area for your workspace or a place for your guest to chill.  Then, if you’re living with small kids, you can style it as a reading corner for them.  It does not take much space, even though you prefer a more oversized loft bed frame. Achieve a minimalist and modern look with a loft bed frame.

Several Small Light Sources

Desk lamps never run out of style, it is beneficial, and it functions in several ways. Small light sources make your room tidier and cozy. Here are some advantages:  First, it gives warmth to your room, creating a pleasant atmosphere. Second, the light provides a precise size that conveys your preferred width and style. Third, it lessens the close and crowded look in your bedroom. Lastly and the best feature, you can adjust the temperature; a little dim light could help set a relaxing mood.

Style it with Creative Wall Decorations 

It’s great to reminisce memories with your love once, especially with the most unforgettable trips. You want to display it for your family to take a look back at the fun-filled adventures. However, you’re struggling to put it up in a spacious way.  Here are some ideas to present it in an elegant, neat, and organized manner.  Grab yourself on these incredible wall decorations and match them with your souvenirs.

A tapestry is a woven decorative fabric, used initially as wall-coverings for civic buildings and temples by the Greeks and Romans.  Presently, artists and designers recommend tapestry as an interior furnishing. It can be rolled up and easily transportable than framed paintings. Similar to tapestry, you can also display canvas wall art.  I suggest a black and white with stunning gold canvas wall art since it goes with everything and a match statement design.  Trust your creativity and love the finished product!

Take Advantage of Wall Corners 

Bedroom corners are the familiar places for dusk and room clutter. So take a chance to use that space and renovate it as practical corner shelves. It is perfect storage for your magazines, shoes, accessories, bags, decorations, etc.  You can assemble corner shelves depending on your stylistic preferences, such as size, color, and height.  Indeed, this design concept creates a good presentation, especially for a small bedroom and spacious look.  It does its job to save space, and you also earn yourself a storage idea. Brilliant isn’t it!

A Stunning Transformation of Headboard

Who says that headboards are outdated? Think again! Explore your creativity and artistic side, convert the headboard into a built-in cabinet with drawers. It enables you to store plenty of things in your bedroom without looking crowded. But, if you are a book-lover, renovate your headboard wall as a mini library or a bookcase.  It is well-presented and gives your room a style that reflects your personality.  Look around and create something new!

Be Energized Working Using This Floating Office Desk 

A regular-sized table is one of the essential things inside your bedroom. Most people think that it is space-consuming, but this furniture concept changed the game. A floating table is a right furniture for you! It’s time to invest and love a wall table – it saves space efficiently for both working and eating. This innovation is suitable for people who spend tons of time working in their bedrooms and work from home employees. In addition, you can also use the extra space for storing your other bedroom stuff.

Takeaway on Bedroom Renovation 

There you have it! We hope you have fully decided to makeover your bedroom and renovate it with your preferred design concept. Make sure to remember this phrase, “Less is more,” and explore it with creativity. For more ideas, you can also check out Storables online today!