Are you tired of being the cranky boss nobody wants to work for? This may have resulted in people leaving your company and thus your business having a high employee churn rate. If you have a high churn rate it is only a matter of time before you start losing money. This is a problem as time spent looking for new employees is taking time away from your business. Time equals money so you want to do everything you can to avoid that high churn rate.

Appear Warm And Welcoming

The best bosses to work for are the ones that appear happy and jolly. When you are approached, put a smile on your face and be excited to welcome your employees each morning. Address them by name and be interested in their lives. If they come to you with a problem don’t just brush it off. Empathy and sympathy will go a long way with your employees. They may come to you with a home issue, if this is the case offer the option of leaving early or taking time off if required.

Being warm and welcoming will mean that individuals want to work for you, this will lead to a high employment rate and those employees sticking around.

Offer Further Training

One way to keep your employees around and be a great boss is to offer training and support to your employees. Nobody wants to be in the same job for years to come with no further career moves. If an employee comes to you with potential don’t just keep them in limbo, be sure to recommend a different job within your company. If they need the training to do this job then you could let them know you are looking into options for them.

You need to also make sure that your employees have the right qualifications and paperwork for going out on different jobs. For instance, they might need advanced scaffolding licenses for certain parts of their job. Without this, they won’t be able to shine a positive light on your company so make sure all your employees have what they need.

Give Rewards

When your employees make you proud, tell them, a thank you goes a long way in making someone happy. It also instils confidence and a huge sense of achievement in a person. Once or twice a year you could think about giving a reward as a thank you for all their hard work. This could be their birthday or Christmas. It doesn’t even need to be a huge reward, it could be something as simple as an extra day or two off throughout the year.

If you have a great reward system then you are far more likely to win boss of the year and your employees will recommend you and your company to other people looking for work.

Go Green

Finally, it is worth mentioning that millennials consider good bosses to care about the environment and planet. If you are shown to be green and have sustainability ethics then you are far more likely to have people working for you that care. A great way to go green is to undertake an energy audit. This gives you ways you can go green in your business and it will also save you some money.

One way you could prove you’re going green is to send your customers and clients an online bill rather than a paper one. You could also change all the bulbs in your workspace for energy-saving ones.