Gable dormers are triangular-shaped roofed structures, often containing a window that leads up to the roof of a building. Architects use dormers in their designs to maximize the available space in a loft and to form window openings in the roof plane. Over the years, various kinds of dormer designs have evolved to complement diverse styles of architecture. Some advantages inherent in this roofed structure include:

Beautification of homes

With a gable dormer in your home, there is an additional aesthetic value as well as the versatility that comes into play. This is because it adds up to about a half room of additional living space. It also provides better ventilation and an increase in the light that gets into the house.

Weather Resistant

Another important benefit of gable dormers is the prevention of the buildup of rain and snow, thanks to the sloped shape of the structure of the Dormer. This helps to prevent wear and tear on the roof and reduces the pressure that could be caused by the weight of rain/snow build-ups.

Benefits over Building Codes

With a Gable Dormer, you have some advantages of a sense of building more than a one-story structure. This is true even in areas where it is illegal to build a home with two stories. The Dormer adds more space and also juts out to look like a second story even though it is an extension of a one-story building. This is highly beneficial especially in areas like historic districts where you are not allowed to build beyond a certain height.

Cost-Effective in Construction

Another huge advantage of a gable dormer is its cost-effectiveness. It is definitely not very expensive to construct which is why it is common and very popular among structural designers. Because of its aesthetic value, there is a high demand for it, which in turn makes the price stay low.

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When you are considering renovating your home, giving a gable dormer a thought will be to great advantage for you. It will not only beautify your home but also add additional space and ventilation to your home. Also, based on your choice you can later proceed with a dormer loft conversion.