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Advantages to choosing shipping containers as your house

There are many advantages to choosing shipping containers as your house but let’s focus to three of them that would be the main factors. 1- Cost-Effective The greatest motivating force and benefits for each one of those reasoning about shipping container houses are that they are very cost-effective. Getting a utilized shipping container and changing it

Ahmad Owli

Structural engineer at S3DA-DESIGN

How to bring Sunlight into your Home with Impressive Sunroom Design Ideas?

In winter keeping the garden in top shape is a priority especially for the outdoor person. Having a nice time while you lounge in the garden is an experience you look forward to every day. So what do you do during a bad weather? Imagine staying cooped indoor all day or even all week without

Mathew Parker

Sales manager at S3DA Design

Making the Best Living Room Design

Making the Best Living Room Design Are you interested in living room design Ideas? Make use of the ideas from these living room case studies in coming up with the best layout for your living room space. The living room is an essential part of your home.It is the area where you spend a significant

Asher Pittman

Communication and Marketing Director at S3DA Design

Four things you need to know when making a home design decision

When making a home design decision, you are most likely to find trouble locating an existing structure that matches the mental depiction of your dream home. Well, you are not alone. Almost every potential home owner encounters this challenge. Lucky, we are here so that we can help you come up with the home of

Pablo Sala

Marketing communication at s3da-design

Creative Ways You Can Use Converted Shipping Container

Converted Shipping containers have evolved over the years since their early use for storage. They are so good and useful that they are perfect for converting to almost anything. One good thing about these unique units is that they tend to provide extra security and mobility for whatever purpose they are used for. Today, there

Abe Peram

Architect, Specialist on Container Cafe/Restaurant

How can you renovate your home to keep it cool in the summer?

Keep your home cool in the summer with correct home renovation Summer is upon us again with its warmth and sunshine, giving us the quick shake to start thinking of home renovation and how to keep the home cool at this period in time. Putting central air in the home comes with its huge installation

Madsen Shearer

Marketing Manager at S3DA-Design

What is needed to intern a home extension

What is needed to intern a home extension Not sure where to start when planning a home extension? We’ve got our back with this helpful some point guide. A home extension can be a useful way to add space, live ability and value to your home. The right planning, advice, and discipline will ensure that

Abelli Noja

Marketing and Content manager at S3DA Design

How to Achieve the Best Restaurant Atmosphere?

Having the best Restaurant Atmosphere makes a whole lot of difference between a well-patronized and poorly patronized restaurant. A restaurant’s atmosphere sets the stage. It goes beyond just another dining room away from home. With a good atmosphere, the food takes the spotlight and the customers become the audience. Factors such as music, lighting, spacing,

Abelli Noja

Marketing and Content manager at S3DA Design

The Best Way to Get a Beautiful Home Design

The Best Way to Get a Beautiful Home Design You can create a better design by having an architect and structural engineer work together, Homes can be designed by architects and structural engineers, but to get a beautiful home design you need something more. Hiring these two professionals from similar yet different fields can help

Abelli Noja

Marketing and Content manager at S3DA Design

What is the lateral force resisting system

The lateral force resisting system A lateral force resisting system is both performance-based and cost effective. Many design teams want to implement a lateral force resisting system that is both performance-based and cost effective. Each lateral resisting system has its own advantages and disadvantages for each specific design and environmental conditions. We will explore these