Hurricanes are nobody’s friend. The thought alone is enough to send shivers down one’s spine. Well, the fact is that it is a natural phenomenon that nobody can really stop. If you cannot stop a hurricane, at least there is something you can do to keep homes and buildings safe. How to have Hurricane Resistant Homes, therefore, is the thrust of this article.

What to do to make Hurricane Resistant Homes?

hurricane resistant homes

Hurricane Protection

There is pretty, not much you can do to keep the hurricane away from your own. However, you can support your home with the different technologies available in the market today. Window shutters, roof clips, walls, and doors reinforcement can help to keep your home intact.

Window shutters, roof clips, walls, and doors reinforcement can help to keep your home intact.Invest in Sturdy Doors

There are varieties of doors that have passed numerous tests for Hurricane Resistant Homes. These doors have undergone tests that use a huge air bladder that replicates EF5 tornado scenarios. Doors that survived the wind pressure and impact challenges are great for your home. You might want to check out the list of the doors and invest in them. With sturdy doors, you can be sure that your home can stand the test of a hurricane.

Brace your Garage Door

The garage doors are usually the weakest link in homes. When your garage door is destroyed, your home is destroyed as well. Windowless garage doors that are less than nine feet wide with a rating of withstanding at least fifty pounds of pressure per square foot can withstand the wind. Also, having a single door in your garage protects your home better than double doors. Reinforcing doors ensures you have Hurricane Resistant Homes. You can better secure your door with a vertical bracing structure that is made of aircraft-grade aluminum. This serves as strong support for your garage door. It fastens into the wall above the garage door. It drills into the floor and into each hinge. This prevents the door from suctioning out or blowing in.

hurricane resistant homes-windows shouter -garage doorWork on your Roof

When the winds blow during a hurricane, it applies internal pressure against the windward wall. It also exerts outward pressure against the leeward wall and sidewalls. And of course, it pushes upward pressing against the roof of the house. The blend of these pressures will split through any weak connections in the home. When the roof is off, the walls will have no tangential stability. And the walls gradually incline to collapse outwards. Keeping the roof intact will definitely help keep your home intact. Investing in hurricane clips, therefore, is important to keep Hurricane Resistant Homes. The hurricane clips connect the rafters to the top plate thereby maximizing the strength of the connection between them.

To make your home hurricane resistant, work on your RoofMake the foundation of your house Sturdy

After taking care of your windows, garage doors, and roof, you still have to be concerned about keeping your home structure on the ground. The spinning winds of a hurricane can remove a home from its foundation. Investing in high-tech claddings to keep structures well-grounded is important for Hurricane Resistant Homes.

Make the foundation of your house Sturdy

To build a home that is resistant to hurricanes, you need the professional assistance of a company. S3DA Design structural and architectural design Company has what it takes to fortify your home against a hurricane. contact us today to get our professional advice and service.