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S3DA Design is a San Diego-based firm, which provides general contracting, construction management and pre-engineered metal building services as well as structural and architectural design, to a broad range of commercial and residential clients throughout the United States.

Formed in 2016 and stemmed from a passion for building excellence, during the past two years, S3DA has diligently followed the pattern of a fast-growing startup, by great emphases on teamwork among our most precious asset, our staff. With decades of overall experience in different disciplines of construction-related professions, each of our staff has contributed to our successful record; almost doubling the revenue for the second year in comparison to the first year, a 200% growth rate.

Anchored by loyal employees who are dedicated to providing superior service, and grounded in the philosophy that honesty and integrity are more important than bottom line S3DA has managed to raise an impeccable reputation in relatively a very short time.

We have never failed to complete a project and have never had a bond claim. Schedules and budgets are meant to be kept, and we strive every day to do so. Our sole aim in every project we work on is to build comfortable, enjoyable, and aesthetically pleasing spaces.

Our list of returning customers attest to the fact that we succeeded in attending to the needs and whims of our clients, providing construction solutions compliant with the most stringent and demanding standards.

S3DA implemented a strategic plan designed to increase its competitive edge, which included national expansion of business operations, talent acquisition, quality control, and risk management programs, as well as the team approach to project management. This vision fueled the growth of S3DA that today services a diverse group of clients  CONUS and OCONUS.

Our Latest Work

Modular lab - Modular building design and build
Home Remodeling & Addition - Architectural and structrual design, Diablo Road, Danville, CA
Restaurant Remodeling, Lakeside - Interior and Exterior
Modular Office Design and Build - harcourt nigeria
architectural-design - S3da design

Architectural Design

The commercial and residential building designed here in S3DA-Design initially focuses on three utmost important effects. These effects include matching of visuals, responding continuously to the society and design durability.
Structural Engineering - s3da design

Structural Engineering

At Sd3a Design, we believe that the process of design, construction or renovation of a structure is as important as the result birthed. For this reason, we walk closely with our clients; gleaning adequate information about your needs, while proffering pragmatic structural engineering services.
interior-design - S3da design

Interior Design

The competent lineup at S3DA-Design pursues achieving distinguished feats in the area of interior design. The Interior design projects cover various sectors such as offices, retails, home, restaurant related projects, hospitality with its compliance, luxury interiors in hotels, high-end hotels and interiors for luxury residential.
Mechanical Engineering - S3da design

MEP Engineering

We provide MEP services in California, USA. Our clients are our first priority, and we tailor our services to meet individual needs. Our engineers are the best at what they do, taking great pride in the engineering profession. Our design services have wide applications in the mechanical, electrical and plumbing aspects of buildings.
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VR experience and 3D visualization

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