The COVID-19 pandemic outbreak has adversely affected the global business scenario. We have all heard about the factory and office shutdowns, business losses, pay cuts, and job losses. However, entrepreneurs and business leaders need to look towards the bright side of life and operate as seamlessly as possible.

The essential lessons to keep in mind

Different business houses and organization have their specific way of business continuity and recovery. Here are a few business lessons by Eric Dalius that is pertinent during this pandemic phase:

  1. Stick to company values

Yours could be a boutique branding company with 10 to 15 employees currently working remotely. Hence, it’s essential to do all that you can to assist your collaborators and team members. Its time to hold onto your company values where you need to conduct respectfully and have good intentions. It’s essential to be extra cautious when you talk to your clients. Currently, people are on high-alert state and are palpable. It’s necessary to rethink your business pitch twice before you present it to a new client. Eric J Dalius also suggests that you need to get active on social media and network with followers and show ample support.

  1. Create an in-office experience

Currently, employees are working from home, which makes them stay away from the office environment. That can bring down the productivity level and also allow boredom to seep it. Hence, it is essential to bring in the office element while you are working remotely. While you can opt-in for employee conversations through Google Hangouts and Zoom, you need to think of other ways to replicate an in-office experience.

You can add a few practices that employees followed before the pandemic outbreak. For instance, keep the log-in and log-out time fixed and make it non-negotiable until required. You can also keep fixed hours for lunch, weekly meetings, work report submissions, and other deliverables. It will help employees to stay motivated and also complete the daily task within time.

  1. Timely payments

Make sure that your HR team clears employee payments at the allotted time. Any delays currently might demotivate your employees. If there are any delays, ensure that the employees get intimated. It’s also essential to pay the contractual workers on time.

  1. Keep your employees motivated

Virtual connections during the pandemic times have pros and cons. While it can get great work done in time, it can’t recreate the human experience of working together. The ongoing uncertainty often makes employees lack the required zest and zeal at work. Do you want to keep your employees motivated during working hours? You can introduce small rewards and acknowledgments depending on the projects you undertake.

According to EJ Dalius, can keep a day in the entire week, such as Friday, before closing down where employees can talk to each other and share their experience. Make sure to treat this as an informal session so that employees can unwind and feel connected to one another.

It’s challenging to predict when the COVID-19 pandemic would end altogether. A lot depends on the correct vaccine discovery and flattening down the pandemic curve. Until then, business owners can use these tactics at work to keep functioning smoothly.