Wildfires have damaged thousands of houses in recent years, as per the National Fire Protection Association. Also, other estimates show that the past decade went into the record as the most destructive.

There’s an increasing concern that the less rain and rising temperature pattern is here to stay, exacerbating the issue with wildfire cases and putting the real estate billion dollars in danger.

As the fire season becomes more destructive and gets longer every year, it’s gauged that by 2039, around eleven states could experience a 500% rise in the land that’s on fire every year. As a result, every homeowner needs to make their wooden house fire-resistant.

But, how can you calculate the cost of making your wooden house fire-resistant? Worry no more!  Here is an enlightening step-by-step guide on how you can calculate this cost:

Cost Of Making A Wooden House Fire-Resistant

Calculating the cost of making your wooden house fire-resistant can be a tricky exercise. In this part, we’ll cover three options that can make the overall process easy for you.

Let’s get started!

1. Using An Online Calculator

Mostly, insurance agents use proprietary software to estimate the cost of making the wooden house fire resistant. This cost calculator gauges the cost of adding metal gutters, fire-resistant roofs, fireproof doors, double glazed windows, and more.

You can find several free calculators to help you with this, but the best ones require you to subscribe to yearly or monthly plans. It’s vital to go for unpaid trials so that you can minimize the costs.

2. Do-It-Yourself Cost Calculations

Calculating the cost of making your wooden house fire-resistant needs more legwork, but it’ll not cost you anything if you’ve free time. This method requires you to contact local home constructors to get updated about the costs you’re likely to incur on each new fireproof material you plan to add.

By contacting the local home builders, you’ll find it easy to get the average labor costs and costs for the fireproof materials you plan to add to your wooden house.

Note that this is only an approximation calculation. The average costs you get from the local wooden house builders are not likely to be accurate. Your home may not be the same as the ones the local builders have been making fireproof.

3. Hire A Professional

Hiring an appraiser to help you calculate the costs for making your wooden house fireproof is the path to follow if you want almost accurate figures. The appraiser will inspect your wooden house and research the local market to get accurate figures for fire-resistant material and labor costs.

An appraiser is highly trained and credentialed. They play a pivotal role in producing comprehensive reports relating to the costs of making your wooden house fire-resistant. Also, with this cost, you’ll find it easy to figure your insurance coverage. However, prepare yourself to pay some dollars to get this accurate cost of making your house fireproof.

Final Thoughts

Generally, a fire-resistant wooden home does not cost more than a traditionally built wooden house. Research conducted in 2018 shows that making a wooden house fire-resistant is very cost-effective.

As per this study, installing fire-resistant metal gutters and a fire-resistant roof adds only $6000 to your estimated price. On the other hand, installing a fireproof door and adding double glazed windows increases the price tag by around $5000.

Note that the costs of making a wooden house fireproof can change over time. For example, inflation can make the cost of making your wooden house fireproof increase because it pushes up the labor costs and money spent on purchasing fire-resistant materials.


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