Office furniture undoubtedly plays a vital role in any professional setting since they are the key pieces that make such spaces what they are. According to a Grand View Research report, the U.S office furniture market size was around $10.74 billion in 2016. It is critical to put great thought and effort into choosing the right furniture for your office because furniture plays a crucial role in workplace performance. Below are some practical tips you can rely on to select the best furniture for your office.

  • Consider your brand identity

Many decor experts advise that you consider your brand identity when selecting furniture for your office space, so keep this in mind. The design and colors of your office furniture should align with your office and brand’s personality for the best results. Also, purchase furniture from the same style as other pieces, and ensure that it complements your existing decor and blends with the color scheme. For instance, if your office is traditional, don’t choose an eclectic furniture piece since it will stick out like a sore thumb. This way, you can ensure a homogenous office design that conveys the right first impression to your guests and future clients.

  • Available office space

Your furniture must fit proportionately in your office, so it is crucial to ensure that you have enough space to accommodate any new pieces before purchasing them. Many people forget to measure their space when buying large furniture like conference room tables and cabinets, only to discover that they do not even fit through the doorway when they finally arrive. Therefore, measure the total dimensions of any room you plan to use and shop with this information in mind, ensuring that anything you purchase fits through the door and lines up with the doorways and wall correctly.

  • Factor in functionality

Fancy furniture is almost useless if you can’t use or get the most out of them. For instance, a nice chair that is uncomfortable to sit on would likely end up being something you will regret purchasing sooner than later. Therefore, functionality is a vital thing to look out for when purchasing your furniture. For this, choose furniture that is best for work environments and light enough to permit movement when needed. Also, select furniture pieces that offer each employee enough privacy to focus on their work. Finally, prioritize furniture with storage space since they can help you keep many files without making your workspace look cluttered.

  • Go for comfort

A 2015 Leesman survey of about 136,000 respondents revealed that the top three features identified as the essential components of an effective workspace (desk, temperature control, and chair) were all related to physical comfort. Consequently, comfort is a prime consideration when selecting furniture for your office. Your employers will spend many hours seated, so selecting furniture pieces that provide maximum support for their neck, shoulders, and back would be best. Also, ensure that any chairs you pick come with armrests and are height-adjustable. Comfortable employees are highly productive, so do not skimp on getting cozy furniture for your workers if you expect them to be very efficient.