With many people still working at home and the Delta variant driving greater restrictions in movement, home space is not only at a premium, but home projects have also become a preoccupation with those stuck in the house. One project that can increase your home’s value, as well as add needed storage space (or perhaps even new living space), is a garage makeover. But another effect of Covid has been an increase in the cost of construction supplies and labor, so you may be wondering what you will need to budget if you’re thinking of your garage renovation.

The Big Picture

The cost for garage renovation ranges from about $3,000-$40,000, with an average of around $11,000 for a two-car garage with paint, ceiling work, floor coating, and new cabinetry. That’s a pretty wide range. To know where you fall in that range and before you delve into the specifics of your project, here are some general factors that may affect overall cost:

  • The local cost of labor, permits, and supplies: Besides local variations in the cost of living, prices of supplies and labor have been dramatically affected by Covid-driven shortages. If you live far from major supply hubs, you can expect shipping to drive up costs as well.
  • The types of materials you choose: Cabinetry will cost more than wire shelving units, a coated concrete floor cost less than installing tile, and additions like garage door openers will increase costs.
  • The difficulty of construction: Building on a slope is more complex than on a flat surface and may require specialized equipment while building a detached garage may even require enlisting a structural engineer.
  • The type of renovation: Basic renovations designed to increase aesthetics, such as a new coat of paint and some wall repairs, cost much less than transforming a garage into a new room, which could require an electrician, plumber, and other general contractors.

The average range of costs for a basic renovation (paint, drywalling, floor repair, etc) runs from about $500-$5,000. A full renovation might include new or redesigned storage space, floor coating, new walls (and perhaps insulation), new garage doors, and more. A full garage renovation costs on average between $7,000 and $15,000. Also, the conversion of a garage into a new living space can run from $20,000-$75,000. This depends on the type of space it will be and the materials you choose for that space.

The Specifics

Once you’ve answered some of the general questions that determine the cost, some more specific factors that will influence the price of your renovation include:

  • The size of your space: A larger space will require more materials, such as paint and drywall. However, there may be other factors, such as the higher cost of larger garage doors. The average cost of a 1-car garage renovation is $4,200 – $9,000, while a 4-car garage ranges $14,000 – $30,000.
  • What do you intend to change, New coat of paint? No problem! But if you intend to enlarge the space, add extra storage, insulate, or even turn it into a new office or bedroom, you’ll pay a lot more. Even if you intend to keep the space like a garage but use it for, say, a work area, you may want to add heating, ductless AC, insulation, extra lighting, or other comfort factors.
  • Add ons: You may choose to add other special projects to your renovation. They include a car lift ($500 – $5,000), windows ($400 – $1,000), soundproofing ($250 – $3,500), or garage door remote control ($300 – $940), that can add to your cost.

Take away on Garage Renovation

Before you decide the costs are too much, understand that a garage renovation not only creates a more pleasing aesthetic and more usable space but falls just shy of kitchen renovations as far as increasing the value of your home. You can recoup about 64% of the cost of your garage renovation when it comes to the resale of your home. So if you have the time and the budget, start planning a garage space that suits your needs. It will pay off in function and value.

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Author’s Bio:

Ivan Young is a writer from Happy Writers, Co. in partnership with custom door designer and manufacturer Abby Irons Doors.