Google Assistant is generated by AI, also known as artificial intelligence. It picks up the voice of the user, analyzes it, and performs whatever the user asked for it to do. Using voice recognition or input devices, you can communicate with the Assistant to browse through the web, send emails or messages, play songs, check the weather forecast, add notification alarms, change home automation settings, and more. Google Assistant is available for smart home devices applications, mobile phones, laptops, computers, and more.

While this feature is useful for a lot of people, Google Assistant can also get annoying. There may be times that Google Assistant is doing a task you’ve never asked for it to do. Turning off the voice-activated helper often undermines the intention of making an interactive system. But sometimes, you may want to mute it or restrict the snooping, especially on your cell phone. Here are ways for you to turn it off or disable it easily.

Disable Google Assistant On Smartphones

If you are looking for ways to disable Google Assistant on your smartphones, this article will help you. Sometimes people will opt to shut the Assistant off for personal reasons. If you don’t know how to do it, then here are a few easy steps that you should do.

The first thing you need to do is to open the Google Application from your smartphones. The icon is located at the right portion at the bottom. Tap on the “more” icon. From there, you will see the settings and the Google Assistant icon. On the assistant tab, scroll down and look for “Phone” or tap other devices you wish to disable. From there, you can switch it off.

Disable From Smart Devices

Google Assistant is also compatible with some smart Televisions. Google Assistant can be used to configure them. You may disable Google Assistant, but it doesn’t wholly deactivate it.

Here are ways to disable the Assistant on your smart devices temporarily. The first thing your need to do is open the google assistant home application. Tap the icon “home” and then select a specific device on the list provided.

Look for settings or the gear icon, and from there, go to digital wellbeing and set a schedule. Select the devices that you want to schedule and press next. You can customize the schedule of Google Assistant. That’s all you have to do!

Disable Google Assistant On Android devices

On Android platforms, it is fast and easy to disable Google Assistant. All you have to do is open the Application “Google Assistant” and press your home button down and hold. Click “explore,” choose the profile, and then click on settings. Under its tab for assistance, choose your android device and toggle it off. It is as simple as that.

Disable From Google Home Smart Device

The fast way to directly turn your Google Assistant off on a smart device is to use their mute function. It is already a built-in feature on the device. Just look for the microphone icon, which symbolizes the mute feature. By pressing the button, you restrict the different devices at your home from listening.

A temporary way to disable it is also available.  You may do this if you go to its Downtime feature created by Google. From the devices’ home application, press “home” and choose a home device. From there, go to the settings and look for the “Digital wellbeing” tab and add schedules to your selected devices. This will activate its downtime function.

Disable The Google Assistant By Using Support Button

People who want to switch the google assistant on and off whenever they want can do this using its support button. It is an excellent alternative for shutting it completely off. It’s an easier, faster, and more efficient way to do it.


If you want to turn your google assistant or disable it temporarily, there are a few ways to do it. For whatever reason why you want to turn off Google Assistant, there is always a fast and easy way to do it without stressing yourself out or destroying your devices’ default settings. A few steps that are easy to follow are laid out for you.