The conflict between life safety and security always poses a big challenge. Each year, several hotels and mixed-use buildings report cases of fire outbreaks. These reoccurring issues of nasty fires in buildings are the reason any top hotel design firm will opt for fire safety measures. The aim is always to hinder any nasty fire outbreak. Then in cases where they might occur, to be capable of handling it. 

Fire safety tips and guidelines are crucial in avoiding fire in mixed-use building or hotels. These buildings always pose a different fire hazard than the regular, average structure. Hotels accommodate a huge number of people that are either on vacation or other series of activities. A mixed-use building also holds residents and commercial users. 

Fire Safety Tips

Fire safety measures are useful to help keep guests and occupants away from danger. Hotels and mixed-use buildings shouldn’t only offer comfort but also offer safety. This is why the issue should always be on the top of any list for your professional mixed-use building or hotel design firm. Here are a few fire safety tips to help you out;

  • Using Fire Extinguishers:

Fire extinguishers are one of the most important fire safety items you need. It’s so important that it is even recommended as being vital in a car. This means it is a must-have in your building. 

Having it around at easy-to-reach points is vital. It offers residents and visitors a way to effectively cut any fire emergency. They should always be in high-visibility areas.

Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers should always be in higher-risk areas. Those places are most likely to witness a fire outbreak more instead of those less likely spots. Places like the laundry area, kitchen, and even storage spots. 

  • Frequent Alarm Checks:

There is a reason why you installed a multi-building alarm system. The same applies to your hotel as well. This is to ensure that the notification reaches everyone when there is a fire outbreak. The multi-building alarm system is essential for any building, most especially hospitable ones. 

Check your alarm systems as often as possible. A functioning multi-building alarm system helps serve as a notifier when there is an outbreak. It’s the best way to protect the occupants and guests in a mixed-use building.

Fire alarm Check

Whenever there is smoke or a little fire, the alarm system notifies occupants to evacuate. Testing regular checks helps you know if they are functioning. Whenever they are undergoing maintenance, get a fire watch on duty. Their job is to help sort things out till the alarms get back on. 

  • Fire Sprinklers:

Fire sprinklers are very important in any building if you are trying to take fire safety measures. Your fire safety isn’t complete without the installation of fire sprinklers. With how important they are, checking them often to ensure they work is crucial. 

Fire Sprinkler
It is very important to have a
fire sprinkler installed in your mixed-use building. Any professional hotel design firm will add this to their building features. Like the multi-building alarm system that notifies you of every possible fire outbreak, this is quite similar. The fire sprinkler releases water whenever there is a rapid increase of heat in that area. 

  • Clear Exits and Walkways:

The walkways and exits of your hotel and mixed-use building should be empty at all times. Stairways for instance are not for item storage but for easy movement. They should be clear of any object that can obstruct movement. Objects like trash or towel carts are examples.

Fire Exit clear

In cases of a fire emergency, using hallways will make it easier to evacuate. Check the exits and walkways often to ensure it is clear and without blocks. You need hallways that are well designed to enable easy evacuation as well. This is why you need a top hotel design firm. 

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  • Regular Fire Safety Drills:

Engaging in regular fire safety drills is an important fire safety procedure. This is most important for a hotel. The staff of the hotel should undergo the necessary drills. This is to teach them how best to react in certain situations.

Fire Drill

It shows them how to handle a guest in cases of a fire outbreak. It is important everyone in the building can exit in an orderly fashion without much panic. The only way to ensure that is to put your staff through training procedures. During the training, you teach staff how everyone can exit a building amongst other things. 


Fire accidents are never planned. It doesn’t stop us from taking precautions and staying ready so they don’t take us unawares when they come. Following proper fire safety tips is one of the best ways to keep your hotel and mixed-use building intact. 

Multi-building alarm systems, fire sprinklers, and fire extinguishers are popular safety measures. Any professional hotel design firm will be sure to add these tips to their projects. Keeping to these tips and more will ensure your building and occupants remain safe.