The fireplace is always the center of many homes. They don’t only bring warmth in the cold season but also add style to your home design. These fireplaces come in various styles and designs.

Electric and gas fireplaces have various styles that can boost your interior designs. Regardless, they also have their respective differences.

This begs the question; how do you heat your home? Electric and gas fireplaces are two of the most efficient fireplace options. Keeping your home well heated is important but then, but which is the best option? 

Making this decision can be very tasking. Even asking for the help of some building fireplace design manufacturers might not prove so convincing. Well, this article is here to help you with that from our expert view. Helping you with the pros and cons of each fireplace to help you make an educated and proper decision. 

Gas Fireplace Vs Electric Fireplace

Before deciding if you’ll make a call for an electric fireplace installation or checkout gas fireplace designs, you need something first. The understanding of each fireplace. It is important you understand their specifics. How each version works and what makes them unique. 

Gas Fireplace:

Gas fireplace, like the name, runs on natural gas. Switching it on ignites the gas within the furnace. In no distant time, it warms up the air spreading throughout the room. It became popular in the 1900s coming as an alternative to the traditional wood-burning fireplace. It gained more popularity thanks to its cleanliness and price as well. 

It doesn’t have the smoke and soot that wood-burning fireplace often fills the room with. the speed at which the fire came up was another reason it blossomed. 

For those with pre-existing gas lines, fitting in your choice gas fireplace design will be easier. If you don’t have them though, a gas fireplace installation involves more work. This can be a difficult task for installation companies. You might need help from some building fireplace design manufacturers or expert firms. 

If you do need a team you can trust with efficient installation, we have your back. You can always contact the S3DA design firm to help out. 


  • More heat efficient than their wood-burning and electric counterparts. 
  • They add an ambient feel to the place due to the real flame it creates. 
  • Quite easy to control. Reducing or increasing the gas flow helps dim or ablaze the flame. This is don’t with a button or remote control. 
  • Unlike traditional wood-burning fireplaces, current gas fireplaces are now easier on the eye. 
  • They are cost-effective and suitable for those who are on a strict budget. 


  • Gas fireplace installation comes at a high cost. Especially if you have no existing gas line in your home. Such installation should best be done by top building fireplace design manufacturers. Having a professional fireplace installation firm involved won’t be a bad idea. 
  • There is always the possibility of a gas leak with a gas fireplace. It is quite rare but still something you should factor in when making your decision. 

Electric Fireplace:

The electric fireplace performs similarly to the gas fireplace. Although this version uses electricity to produce heat, unlike the gas fireplace designs. The electric fireplace designs consist of electric heating elements rather than gas burners. These elements and other components are responsible for the heat it provides. 

They were first invented in 1912 but became popular in the 1950s. It is popular thanks to its creation of roaming fire via visual lighting effects. This means, no harmful emissions whatsoever. So, if you find the aesthetics appealing, then this might be the best for you. 


  • It is very versatile. You can get to choose between the floor-based style or the wall-mounted electric fireplace design. 
  • They prove to be safer than wood-burning and gas fireplace designs. Compared to others, they operate at a lower temperature. Components close to the heating elements are the only things that get hot. As well as the air close to the heating output. 

This is why it has lesser hazards when compared to other fireplace versions. 

  • The electric fireplace is easy to maintain and clean.
  • Compared to gas fireplace designs, it doesn’t need a pre-existing gas line. 
  • Remodeling is easy as it is quite easy to locate. Thanks to the absence of chimneys, gas lines, and flues. 


  • They aren’t the type designed to be a primary heat source. They offer almost the same level of heat as electric space heaters. Electric space heaters do more in regards to warming larger spaces. 
  • Electric fireplace installation shows the need for a power source. This means whenever you experience a power shortage, your electric fireplace will be out. 

Final Thoughts:

It’s very clear to see that they are both strong at their various points. Each with its respective pros and cons. When it comes to deciding which fireplace is best for your home, it all depends on your home and your taste. 

If you have an existing gas line, then you can choose to enjoy the environmental-friend and efficient gas fireplace. Which is also easy to install. 

With no existing gas line, then the installation process can be inconvenient and expensive. Going for an electric fireplace installation will be a great choice. 

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