The days of simply stopping by a coffee shop to quickly get a sandwich or sip on a cappuccino are long gone! Cafes have developed into the most popular places for people to meet friends and coworkers or just to spend time alone, reading or even writing a novel! Individuals even conduct business by spending endless hours daily in their preferred cafés. So, if you want your cafe to stand out, you must choose an exclusive cafe fitout in Melbourne for the best business days.

Therefore, what, other than genuinely intriguing food and excellent service, drives customers to return to a cafe? Yes, it’s the cafe’s interior decor! People enjoy hanging out at stylish coffee shops with distinctive themes or fundamental concepts, such as cat cafes, where you can have your favourite brew while watching adorable kittens play outside, or vintage cafes, where you can take some seriously cool, Instagram-worthy photos with your closest friends.

The following are some critical components of an excellent cafe’s interior design:

  • A relaxed but lively environment.
  • Very comfy pieces of furniture.
  • Warm lighting is used to create a relaxing atmosphere.

1. Rustic Coffee Shop

The rustic interior motif is most likely well-liked of all the cafe theme choices. Its interior design incorporates a lot of vintage school decor, organic components, and raw materials like bricks, wood, and plants. This theme could be applied by emulating the ambience of an old farmhouse, rustic townhouse, warehouse, or any other area that conveys the sense that it hasn’t been used in a long time.

Whenever possible, include metal, stone, and chalkboards in your interior design and antique doors and windows. Serve some food items in wicker baskets and shakes or coffees in vintage milk jars. When designing this interior design, strike a healthy balance between all the rustic features we just listed and contemporary pieces like chic lamps or couches.

Highlight the area’s natural beauty while keeping the atmospheren’t overly rustic. To create this theme, use earthy colours such as beige, camel colour, green, and brown tints.

2. Vintage Classic

Ideas for a vintage cafe or restaurant fitout can come from any historical period or generation of individuals, including the 1940s, 1950s, 1960s, and beyond. Thus, there are several options for these kinds of cafe theme ideas. You can employ vintage furniture and decor to create a quaint, romantic atmosphere, or you can go for coffee shop interiors that are elegant and reminiscent of grandma’s house, complete with sleek china cabinets and floral wallpaper.

A wall displays utilize antique chandeliers, Victorian-style couches or chairs, white embroidered kitchen curtains, cedar chests, mahogany wood, green glassware, and ornamental plates. Though you can play around with different hues and textures, fading peach, mustard yellow, and burgundy are the most effective. 

3. Industrial Style Cafe 

Ideas for industrial-style café themes come from warehouses, factories, and other industrial areas. These days, this particular theme is one of the most popular for cafes. The design of industrial-style cafes focuses on establishing a cosy yet natural atmosphere with inventive lighting and subtle modern accents.

To create this kind of mood, use exposed architecture, such as exposed pipes, ceiling beams, and bricks. Include mechanical parts like gears, nuts, and bolts. Additionally, they use substitute raw materials like leather, stone, brass, and copper. Combine these industrial aspects with contemporary furnishings, vividly contrasted colours, and filament lamps. When choosing a colour scheme, stick to mustard, maroon, brown, black, and grey.

4. Fashion Icon

Although not very well recognised, fashion themed cafe fitout in Melbourne is becoming increasingly popular. A cafe with a fashion theme honours some of the most well-known fashion icons or companies the world has ever seen. Individuals who have opened cafes inside the retail stores of some of the most prominent fashion labels have even merged these two concepts. And we must admit, the idea is fantastic!

Choose your favourite outfits and accessories, but when you feel worn out, get a cup of coffee or latte to awaken your senses! The interior design and decor of these cafes would reflect the brand’s or its inspiration’s fashion sense.

5. Boho Chic

The term “Boho style” originally described the way of life of the highly creative wanderers who formerly called Bohemia’s historic Central-Eastern European area home. Being constantly on the run, they used to absorb various cultural components from the locations they visited to forge their own distinct identity and free-spirited culture.

Millions worldwide continue to follow and adore gipsy culture, whether in music, art, fashion, or interior design. Ideas for bohemian-style cafe themes are well-liked by new-age cafes catering to this generation’s youngsters.

To create this motif, use floor cushions, hemp pillows, low tables, dreamcatchers, Turkish lamps, fairy lights, wooden furniture, crochet curtains, dreamcatchers, tassels, ottomans, and beaded decorations.

6. Tropical Paradise

The “Tropical Paradise” theme lends itself to various cafe or restaurant fitout ideas. This motif has been utilized to create “jungle-style” cafe interiors and “laid-back beach holiday in a tropical country like Bali” atmospheres. To build a unique type of tropical café, you may add subtleties or use these suggestions for cafe themes.

Building several tiers of long, forest-like branches to hang on the cafe’s walls perfectly creates this motif. It will make you feel as though you are in the centre of a tropical rainforest. Even leftover bits of wood and dried reeds can construct a thatched roof. 


If you select and adhere to an engaging interior design concept, your cafe’s revenue may increase beyond your wildest expectations. This will not only make your area appear much more appealing and welcoming, but it will also strengthen your brand’s reputation and pique the interest of both current and new clients.