Under sink is the most awkward space to create storage. However, keeping in view how quickly it becomes cluttered, it can be a good idea to turn it into an organised space where you can store bathroom essentials.

There are a few, smart, under-sink storage ideas that can remove clutter from your bathroom and help you in keeping it organised. 

Let’s discuss some of the famous under bathroom sink storage ideas, below, to keep your bathroom away from clutter. 

Under Sink Storage Benefits

Before we suggest you the under bathroom sink storage ideas, let’s take a step back and discuss some of the benefits associated with it. 

While many types of bathroom storage solutions are available, ranging from freestanding vanity units to tall boy cabinets and floating shelves, each has pros and cons. 

Here are a few advantages that applying one of these under sink storage ideas can offer you:

  • The space under the sink is often underutilised, which can help you make the most of the space in the small bathroom.
  • The basin is usually the most used area in the bathroom. Keeping everyday use items like soaps, shampoos, shaving kits, and other necessities under the sink provides quick and easy access when needed. 
  • Utilising under the sink space for storage purposes will hide unsightly plumbing and other elements, creating a cleaner and more polished look. 
  •  There are so many possibilities to utilise the under-sink space as storage, providing you an opportunity to customise the space based on your specific aesthetic needs.
  •  Under the sink, space can become cluttered quickly. By turning it into a storage space, you can use it for keeping bathroom essentials, requiring no effort to keep it clean. 

Who Should Consider Under Sink Storage Ideas?
Under Sink Storage Ideas

While you may be considering a certain type of bathroom furniture that can still be a good idea, under-sink storage can provide an additional storage space in the following scenarios. 

ScenarioConsider Under Sink Storage Ideas if…
Limited Bathroom SpaceYour bathroom is small or lacks sufficient storage space.
Shared BathroomsThe bathroom is used by multiple people with different belongings.
Organisational EnthusiastsYou enjoy keeping your bathroom items neat, tidy, and organised.
Families with ChildrenYou have kids, and there’s a need for storage for their bath items.
Homeowners or RentersYou want customizable storage solutions that suit your preferences.
Renovations or Remodelling ProjectsIn case you’re renovating/remodelling the bathroom. 
Seniors or Individuals with Mobility IssuesIn case someone has mobility challenges. 
Aesthetics-Conscious IndividualsYou prioritise a clean, streamlined look for a visually appealing space.
Rental PropertiesYou’re looking for non-permanent storage solutions in a rented space.
Home Sellers or StagersYou’re preparing your home for sale and want to enhance the presentation.

Top Under Sink Storage Ideas

Freestanding Vanity Units

First, in our list of top under sink storage ideas, is the freestanding vanity unit can be a practical and aesthetically pleasing choice. 

These vanity units are available in various sizes and typically come with cabinets and drawers. 

You can use the space available to keep bathroom essentials organised and easily accessible. 

It is important that you choose the freestanding vanity in accordance with the size of the sink. 

Alternatively, you can consider replacing the entire sink with a vanity unit with sink option. 

There are a variety of single and double sink options available to choose from. You must choose the one that fits best according to your needs. 

Pull-Out Shelves

Pull-Out Shelves

Another one of the most versatile under sink storage ideas could be installing pull-out shelves. 

There are several ways these can fit within the sink area. 

These are like drawers with a handle that extends outwards. You can easily access the stored items with the quick open and close mechanism. 

The choice of various colours and types of handles can help you customise your option depending on your aesthetic needs. 

Stackable Baskets 

Stackable baskets under the sink are a lead when it comes to versatility and cost-effectiveness. 

Placing these baskets will help you create a space for keeping your toiletries and hair styling tools. 

These are visually pleasing and can make your items easily accessible. 

Floating Shelves

Love the open and airy feel in the bathroom? Floating shelves might be the right option for you. 

Installing these shelves on the walls surrounding the sink area will help you keep daily-use items at arm’s reach. 

These are perfect for smaller bathrooms where you lack floor space. 

Magnetic Strips

If you want to keep metal items such as nail cutters, baby pins, tweezers, etc. at easy access in the bathroom, then integrated magnetic strips can be a cost-effective solution. 

You can put it inside your under-sink freestanding vanity cabinets. These small metal items that otherwise would be difficult to find will become easily accessible. 

Additionally, the space will appear to be tidy and uncluttered. 

Tension Rods

An unusual solution, tension rods, can be used to create a unique and highly efficient towel storage solution under the sink. 

You can even install them inside the freestanding cabinet and hand something that can fit on it. 

For example, if the space allows, you can hand towels down there for quick and easy access. 

Built-In Drawers

In case you prefer installing a freestanding vanity unit under the sink, then you can consider having a built-in drawer in it. 

These custom designed drawers can accommodate specific items like makeup, hair accessories, or even cleaning supplies. 

The biggest advantage of built-in drawers is that they can keep your space tidy and organised. 

Lazy Susans

It may be challenging to navigate through the under-sink corners. You can solve this problem by installing lazy Susans. 

You can even place them inside the vanity unit as a rotating tray. This will allow you to easily reach the item of your choice through rotating. 

This smart storage ensures that no corners remain forgotten and that every inch of your cabinet is organised. 

How to Pick an Under-Sink Storage Idea? 

Selecting the right storage solution depends on various factors like available space, personal preferences and aesthetics requirements, and budget. 

Here, we have provided a quick overview of each storage solution, highlighting their advantages and considerations. 

Storage SolutionDescriptionAdvantagesConsiderations
Freestanding Vanity UnitsCabinets with drawers, often part of a bathroom vanity set– Stylish and functional – Provides ample space– Takes up floor space
Pull-Out ShelvesCan be pulled outwards like drawers. – Maximises depth of the cabinet – Easy access– May require professional installation
Stackable BasketsBaskets that can be stacked inside the cabinet– Versatile and cost-effective – Easy to organiseNot suitable for larger items
Floating ShelvesShelves mounted on the wall, not touching the floor– Creates an open and airy feel – Ideal for small bathrooms– Limited weight capacity
Magnetic StripsStrips with magnetic properties for metal items– Keeps small metal items organised – Easy access– Limited to items with magnetic properties
Tension RodsRods installed inside the cabinet for hanging towels– Utilises vertical space efficiently – Easy to install– Limited to towels and lightweight items
Built-In DrawersDrawers integrated into the freestanding vanity unit– Provides a sleek and organised look – Customizable design– May be costlier than other options
Lazy SusansRotating trays for easy access to items in corners– Ensures efficient use of corner space – Easy to reach items– Limited to items that fit on the tray


Selecting the right vanity unit depends on various factors so always understand your key requirements before opting for an option. Royal Bathrooms has a diverse vanity unit catalogue (especially the 1200 Vanity Unit) where you’ll not just find a wide range of unit choices but the one meeting your search description. 

Final Thoughts

Under-sink storage can help you create highly efficient and organised bathroom space, especially in small bathrooms. 

Regardless of the type of storage you choose, the key is to maximise the unused and overlooked space while creating a visually appealing and clutter-free environment. 

By using our discussed under-sink storage ideas, you can transform the space into highly organised and visually pleasing.