Many Americans have recognized the perks of choosing condo life. However, with more developers than ever before, it’s important to design your condo complex with the most desirable features for today’s buyers. Understanding the needs and wants of your community can help you fill your condos faster. We have compiled a list of ways to make your condo complex stand out from the competitor.

Car Charging Stations

Modern shared amenities can go a long way today. With many drivers making the switch to electric vehicles, installing car charging stations on-site can be a useful amenity. Few condo and apartment complexes have yet adjusted to meet this need, allowing you to cater and market to an untouched demographic.

In-Unit Elevators

Public elevators are a necessity for getting to higher floors. In-unit elevators are even better and give residents the privacy and control they want. Home elevators are compact in size, easy to install, and are an excellent choice for multi-floor units. In-unit elevators also allow you to cater to an older population who may be dependent on a mobility device.

Private Outdoor Spaces

Private outdoor spaces allow residents to enjoy the outdoors while maintaining their privacy. Many residents will also enjoy hosting their own BBQs or outdoor picnics without having to share the common outdoor spaces. Designing condos with private outdoor areas is an excellent way to promote your complex to people who might otherwise prefer a condo but choose a home instead because of the yard.

Safety and Security

Safety and security should be a priority when designing a condo. Many residents are willing to pay an increased price if they feel safe in their homes. This may include a full-time security guard on staff or doors that automatically lock after a certain time. Some condos may use a buzz-in system that requires a key card or a resident to let them in after hours. It’s also important to consider the safety and security of parking lots. Exclusive attached parking is a great way to keep residents safe.

Co-Working Spaces

With more people working remotely today, one or two co-working spaces can be a highly desirable amenity. Consider installing desks in the main lobby or designating a full room for work suites or meeting rooms. These co-working spaces can even double for meetings for the condo’s staff. Residents may even appreciate a few common computers. Shared printers, copiers, and fax machines are also useful features that residents are unlikely to have in their own homes.

Package Rooms

Secure package rooms where residents can have items delivered are a must in today’s fast-delivery world. Even using lockable mailboxes or package holders allows customers to get items delivered to them when they’re not home. Some condo complexes may even consider a full-time staff member who monitors delivered packages.

Smart Home Features

Smart home features target a modern homeowner who prefers convenience. Installing smart lights and alarm systems can help your building stand out among others. Other smart home features to consider include Wi-Fi, smart thermostats, and touchless doors. Home automation systems may also include smart appliances.

Many residents will appreciate the convenience that comes with smart home features, plus the utility costs savings. Automated cash systems for coffee or beverages can also help you earn extra income while allowing residents the convenience of automatically charging items to their units.

Common Outdoor Space

A common outdoor space gives residents a place to enjoy the fresh air and mingle with their neighbors. A small, fenced-in yard attached to the building is one option. If you have roof space, an inviting area with seating overlooking the city is an even better choice. A common outdoor space also allows residents to host events, which can help create a positive reputation for your condo. A rooftop playground or pool is an even more desirable amenity that will easily fill your units in no time. Common outdoor spaces with workout equipment or group fitness classes can also be an excellent way to stand out.

Most large cities have condo complexes on every block, making it difficult to stand out from the many available options. Considering what features are most important to residents and then adding them to your building plans can help you fill your vacant units faster. Most condos today have balconies, lobbies, and dog runs, making it essential to consider what else can make you stand out. In-unit elevators and common shared working spaces are just a few unique ways to sell out.