Dubai is becoming increasingly focused on stylish living, and in that regard, it has sort of become a hub for interior decor. Interiors are an important part of Dubai homes. 

Among the countless interior decor elements you can choose from, one of them is floor covering, more specifically, choosing the right carpets and rugs for your home interior in Dubai. 

We are writing this post for our readers today. It will explain what factors you need to consider when making the right selection of these carpets and rugs.

Tips for Choosing the Right Carpets and Rugs For Your Home Interior

We have divided this selection process into sections to help you better understand it. You will learn about the need for comfort and durability, factoring in the right aesthetics, considering the room’s needs, and choosing the right fabric options. So, let’s get to it.

Choose Durability & Comfort 

Dubai’s climate is mostly hot all year round, which affects your choice of  right carpets and rugs. You need to choose materials that are resilient to this heat but also provide comfort when walked upon.

  • Go with natural fibers like wool & cotton. Wool has been used for a long time because of its high durability and resistance to stains. It also regulates the temperature well. With cotton, you get a lightweight fabric that is ideal for high foot traffic areas and easy to clean.
  • Nowadays, every interior design company in Dubai uses synthetic fibers like polyester and nylon. Both have high durability and color fade resistance. Many stores sell rugs and carpets for homes made in these materials in different colors and materials.

Consider the Purpose of the Room 

To achieve a balanced and harmonious look in your home, you need to factor in the needs of the room and where you will be placing these floor coverings.

  • For the Living room area, you can opt for rugs large enough to support all furniture legs. This will create a unified and inviting seating area in Dubai. For smaller areas, you can have wall-to-wall carpets to create a cohesive look.
  • Try placing a rug under your dining table but keep in mind that it should extend 24 inches to the edges of it. This will improve the dining area’s aesthetics and provide comfort.
  • In the bedroom, go for a softer carpet like sisal carpet for wall-to-wall coverage. Entering inside, your feet will land on those natural fibers for a feeling of comfort. Also, compliment this by placing a large rug under the bed like the shag rug.
  •  For your entryways or hallways, you can add runner carpets along the length of them for non-slip, safer, and more comfortable walking. There are also runner rugs with different colors and textures for the adornment of these narrow spaces in Dubai.

Go For Better Aesthetic Appeal

Choosing a rug or carpet is not all about durability and comfort; it should complement your home decor. At, there are countless options whether you are looking for a contemporary look or a traditional style.

  • For your modern yet simple home decor, choose a floor covering with clear lines in solid colors. We recommend neutral hues like white or gray, which give your living areas a sophisticated look.
  • To get that traditional decor vibe, try throwing some Persian rugs. They create a luxurious and elegant ambiance, and their intricate patterns and vibrant colors will transform your Dubai living areas.
  • For modern home interior decor, try adding some rugs with bold patterns and bold colors. Common examples include Moroccan rugs or vintage rugs. Layer different rugs to create your own unique eclectic decor.

Choose Options With Low Maintenance

Dubai is known for its cleaning issues caused by sand storms, which bring in dirt and debris. So, you need to choose right carpets and Rugs that offer easy cleaning for a longer, vibrant look. 

For rugs, choose fibers that are tightly stitched to offer easy vacuuming. For carpets, there are materials like wool that have a natural resistance to stain absorption.

Our Final Say

When choosing the right carpets and rugs for your home interior in Dubai, you need to balance aesthetics, functionality, and comfort. 

By considering the factors we mentioned above, you will be able to create a welcoming atmosphere with stunning interior decor.