Sometimes, business owners must go to great lengths to impress potential clients. This can be accomplished through marketing, face-to-face meetings, quality customer service, or several other ways. If you run a client-facing business that requires customers to visit your business property, then you can also wow them with the setup of the premises. 

Whether you run a law firm that regularly meets with clients, a clothing store where customers come to shop in person, or a commercial building owner looking to attract tenants, it is important that you design a property that is attractive to your target audience.

As a Lompoc, California, business owner, it is up to you to find the right design and practices that will make your property attractive to the right people. Here are some steps you should consider depending on the type of client you want to entice. 


How clients view your property or office starts with the exterior of the building. That includes the lawn, greenery, trees, and more. Maintaining a beautiful landscape can give your clients a positive first impression when they step onto the premises, and there are many steps you can take to create a welcoming atmosphere. First, you can hire a groundskeeper or landscaping service to regularly mow the lawn and weed whack any areas that cannot be mowed. Planting some well-manicured gardens with brightly colored flowers can bring life to the exterior. Working with an asphalt paving contractor to keep the walkways around the building safe will be key. A spot that can be set aside for outdoor client meetings with a pavilion, some picnic tables, or benches on a nice patio could be a great touch as well. 


After the outside of the building, the business’s entryway is the next spot where you can make an impression. What do clients see first when they walk in the doors? For non-retail businesses, it might be a reception area with sleek aesthetics. The reception desk should be clearly visible upon entering the building immediately so customers are not confused about where to go. An open-concept lobby is needed to create a welcoming atmosphere. For the comfort of your guests who may have to wait for a certain period, set up comfortable and ergonomic seating so they can relax. You could even include some amenities like a TV, coffee machine, snacks, and water bottles for maximum comfort. Make sure the entryway is well-lit, and any signage that would direct clients to the right office is obvious. 

Friendly Offices/Conference Rooms

If your business involves meeting with clients regularly, then the entryway is not the only interior space that should be optimized. Any room that clients could visit for the meeting can make an impression. You want your customers to be as comfortable as possible. If they are even slightly wary of their surroundings, it might be harder to convince them to make a purchase or return for the next meeting. Prioritize minimalism when designing individual offices and conference rooms. Allow employees to personalize their offices with posters and family photos to make them appear more personable to clients. The use of glass walls can make an office feel more open so clients do not feel hemmed in. Make sure there is a table and some chairs for your customers as well. As you plan for an office remodel, make sure the changes make sense for the needs of the business. 

Embrace Technology When Possible

Technology makes all our lives easier. If you can make life easier for your clients while they visit the property, then they are more likely to be impressed. For example, if you have a guest sign-in system that is based on a touchscreen device, this can streamline the check-in process so clients can meet with employees sooner. A digital directory can help visitors find the employee or department that they are looking for. Digital signs can be a boost to your office environment, thrilling tech-savvy clients from the moment they enter the building. If you need help integrating technology with interior office design, you could always hire a professional commercial designer who has worked with other businesses that wanted modern offices to attract clients. 

Never Underestimate the Power of Aesthetics

While customer service has a lot to do with well-trained employees and consistent communication, do not underestimate the effect that a great business environment can have on clients who visit the property. A welcoming atmosphere can make them more agreeable to what you are offering. Plus, a warm environment also makes your employees happier in their workplace, resulting in greater productivity and low turnover. There are numerous benefits to focusing on a well-designed business property, so employ these strategies and watch your Lompoc, CA, company thrive.