Whether home or business, ensuring the security of your property and its belongings remains the priority. You may need to be extra careful with the office because many of your critical files and documents are there. Also, a business premise receives a higher footfall daily. Due to higher turnover in such places, locksmiths suggest people rekey their locks at least once or twice a year to add an extra layer of safety. But one may have to do this in other circumstances as well. For example, you can implement this to upgrade your office’s security or prevent resentful employees from accessing it.

Where do you live in Oregon – Dallas or Albany? You can contact a reliable locksmith Albany Oregon for help if you live in Albany. Before this, let’s delve into this requirement a little more.

  • Why should you rekey locks?

Maintaining your office’s security system is crucial, involving analyzing various situations. As mentioned earlier, some disgruntled employees can threaten your office’s safety because of termination from their jobs. However, you can thwart this attempt by rekeying the locks to prevent their access. Or, you rented your commercial space to someone. If the tenant turns out to be menacing, you may evict them from your property and rekey the locks so they cannot re-access it. 

Another plausible situation is when security cameras capture a security breach. Since the locks became compromised, you will want to rekey them. You can take this step if the locks are not damaged. Generally, people also rekey their locks on entering a newly constructed building so that old key holders will not have access. 

If you live in Dallas, you can talk to a professional locksmith Dallas Oregon for help in any such scenario. Typically, one should take proper measures before any unfavorable circumstances develop. It takes away unnecessary stress from the process.

  • How much rekeying a lock can cost?

It depends on multiple factors, starting from your location. Nevertheless, if the business uses standard keyways, the cost of the rekeying lock cylinders will be much more affordable. When you don’t have a key but locks can be rekeyed, you may pay a higher cost due to the extra work and time it demands. Likewise, high-end security locks will be even costlier. Employees cannot copy these locks’ keys but can keep them to themselves. In that case, it is better to rekey your business locks. Because some components of these locks tend to be more expensive and time-intensive than standard-pin locks, you can expect professionals to charge more for this work.

Furthermore, some places use padlocks along with master keys. You can quickly get those locks also rekeyed. However, padlocks contain different types of lock cylinders, and their rekeying cost can depend on them.

Whether an emergency or not, upgrading your business locks from time to time is a must for the safety of your people and the property. 

Sometimes, decision-making in these areas feels troublesome. If everything goes right, you can rely on well-established local locksmiths for suggestions and hire their services. If the locks are safe, you can live your life peacefully.