Contrary to popular belief, the use of fax machines is far from obsolete. Who would have thought that after all these years (160 to be exact), this piece of ancient tech magic would be indispensable? Here we are, swapping files seamlessly online and clicking away on electronic signatures like pros! So, what’s the deal with companies still clinging to fax machines for their daily chats? So, is diving into this the right call for your business or what? Just when you thought faxes were headed for the museum, along came online services revamping how we view them entirely. Now there’s more than enough reason to hold onto this classic way of communicating in today’s digital age.

Reasons for the Relevance of Fax Technology in Business Communication

1 Interoperability

The 1980s heralded a remarkable leap in communication technology with the advent of “The Group 3 fax standard”, which enabled fax machines from any manufacturer to communicate seamlessly with one another. Everywhere you looked, from law firms to hospitals, fax machines became essential because they just got along with every system out there. Businesses love how easy it is to work with partners, suppliers, or customers who still use fax machines thanks to this feature that lets everyone play nicely together.

Consider the frustrations that arise from editing an MS Word document only to find its formatting altered upon transfer from its creator. Or the delays experienced when files require conversion due to language differences before they can be received. Even now, fax machines stand their ground by slashing through communication barriers with their easy-to-use and widely accepted document sending capabilities.

2 Legally Binding

Faxing remains an indispensable tool for workplace communication, offering unparalleled legal validity. Moreover, the weight of documents transferred using FAX from iPhone: Fax App is similar to the document transferred using the old analog method. The key advantage of fax over email is its immutable nature; faxes serve as a tangible record of exchanges, ensuring the veracity of documents when confirmation is required.

For tasks such as document verification or the dispatch of signed materials, faxing stands out. While traditional fax machines once dominated, modern solutions like fax apps have emerged. For those pondering the capability of devices like the iPhone to handle fax tasks effortlessly, the answer is a resounding yes.

3 Secure Connection

Traditional faxing, which operates outside the realm of the internet, serves as an essential peer-to-peer means of communication. This method involves one fax machine establishing a direct connection with another, making it a preferred choice for transmitting sensitive information among healthcare providers and legal entities. Many online fax services now incorporate encryption technologies and comply with stringent standards like HIPAA to bolster the confidentiality of transmitted information.

4 International Connections

 person using computer

Despite the widespread decline of fax machine usage in numerous countries, declaring the technology extinct would be premature. In an interesting turn of events, the Japanese government in 2021 had to retract its initiative to phase out fax machines from its departments following considerable pushback from individuals who staunchly believe in the indispensability of fax communication. This instance illuminates the persistent reliance on fax machines by a significant portion of Japan’s business sector. Hence, for companies operating on a global scale, it might be strategic to integrate fax-based document-sharing practices for more seamless interactions.

In Germany, fax machines continue to hold their ground, with 43% of companies still employing this method for their communication needs, as highlighted by a Bitkom report. Although these figures show a decline from past numbers, they reinforce the idea that faxing has not yet been relegated to the annals of history, especially not in certain international markets. Businesses involved in international dealings should take heed of these trends. Understanding the prevalent communication practices in the countries where you conduct business is crucial. If faxing remains a preferred method, reintroducing it into your communication toolkit could prove advantageous.

5 Confirmation Pages

In today’s digital age, it may come as a surprise that fax machines continue to play a crucial role in business communications. This enduring relevance is largely attributed to the importance of confirmation pages. While fax technology might appear antiquated to some, the undeniable value of these confirmation pages lies in their ability to provide legal acknowledgment and archival validation. These documents serve as essential proof of transmission, on which many businesses depend.


Online fax services, with plans starting at just $5.95 per month, offer a cost-effective communication option for companies. Opting for a digital fax solution eliminates the need for an additional phone line or the maintenance of a physical fax machine. While faxing may not be essential for every business operation, being prepared for clients who prefer this method of communication ensures a smoother interaction. If your budget allows, incorporating faxing into your business toolkit in 2024 could prove beneficial for various applications.